Chapter 6

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*Chapter 6 12:00 P.M*

I put on a heart peplum top, black booty shorts, and sparkle black flats. I put my hair into ponytail. I walked out. They were ready.

"How about this one," I asked.

"It's perfect," Vic squealed. I smiled. I grabbed my phone. We walked downstairs.

"Mary We're heading off to Disneyland," I shouted.

"Be Safe," She shouted back.

"WAIT," She shouted. We stopped.

"Grayson, Vic why don't you head on down to disneyland. She will meet you there shortly," Mary said with a wink. They laughed.

"Okay," Grayson laughed. They walked out the door.

"Tyler is taking is day off and I need help bringing your trophies down for a good polishing. Can you help me bring the stuff upstairs," She said. I nodded. We walked into the kitchen. There were 4 buckets. I grabbed 2 buckets and Mary grabbed 2 buckets. We walked upstairs and to my room. We walked into my closet and down the hall. We turned and walked into my Award Hallway. I put the buckets down.

"Anything else," I smiled.

"I'm good thank you," She said.

"You're welcome.," I said.

"Be safe," She said. I nodded. I walked out of my closet and room. I walked down the stairs. Grayson and Vic were waiting in the car. I walked outside and sat down in the car. We pulled out and drove down to DisneyLand.

*2:00 P.M *

We walked into the house and heard laughter. I looked at them in confusion. I got a text.

"Tonight we are leaving for Panama city for a movie premiere," I said. They nodded.

"We'll be fine. We'll stay at a hotel. I'm going to go pick out our dresses," Vic added.

"I need my tux," Grayson smiled. Vic and Grayson took the elevator downstairs. I heard noises from the kitchen.


"Come in here Sweetie," She shouted back. I walked to the kitchen. Everyone was there. I froze. I ignored them.

"What were you saying," She asked.

"Grayson, Vic and I have a movie premiere to attend to in Panama City. So We are going to leave tonight. We're going to stay over at a hotel. We'll be back by 9AM tomorrow morning. I'll call you when we get there," I said. She nodded.

"Okay. Sweetheart. Dress appropriately. Be safe and call me," She said. I hugged her.

"Also. On Monday We are going to an interview," I added.

"For what honey," She asked.

"My dance team. This manager wants to well manage us. So he asked us to come in. Vic, Grayson and I are going. We're going to talk everything out and see what we come up with," I said.

"You'll do great," She said.

"I'm going to go pack my duffel bag," I said. She nodded. I walked out of the kitchen.

"Abby," Dad said. I stopped and turned. He walked up to me. He hugged me.

"We're going to talk when you come back," He said.

"I hope Mom got her awards. They were all sad you couldn't make it but they understood considering your busy schedule," I said. I turned and Dad grabbed my wrist.

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