Rewritten Chapter 2 Practice and Surprises

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*Chapter 2 Practice & Surprises*

"WAKE UP!" Someone shouted. I groaned and turned.

"Give me five more minutes Mary," I mumbled.

"I'M NOT MARY AND WAKE UP! YOU HAVE DANCE TRYOUTS TODAY," A person shouted I groaned. I got up. I stretched and rubbed my eyes. It was Shawn. I took a quick shower, put my hair into a ponytail, slipped on a pair of tights, cropped top, and shoes. I grabbed my phone and dance bag. I'm so glad it's Friday! I walked downstairs and to the living room.

"Are all of you coming with me?" I asked.

"Yes," They answered.

"Do you have to dress like that though?" Wyatt said with a disgusted look.

"Well then, we better get going we have to be there by 3:30 and its 3," I said ignoring his comment. My brothers let me skip today because I was super tired yesterday. See, they can be nice. We piled into the cars and pulled out. Five minutes we arrived. We got out and headed to the auditorium. My brothers sat in the front row. Vic and I warmed up and watched 40 girls pile in with hope and smiles.

"LINE UP," We shouted.

"I'm Abigail," I said

"I'm Victoria and we are your captains. If you have a problem with that then leave," Vic yelled.

"Okay listen up! I don't want a team made up of snotty, dumb witted sluts who can't dance," I shouted.


"We will accept 10 new girl dancers because we have 12 guys. GOT IT," I shouted.

"YES," They replied. The rest of the guy dancers arrived.

"The guy dancers are, Liam, Jason, Matt, Louis, Nick, Justin, Grayson, Mason, Ryder, Hunter, Daryl, and Connor," Victoria said.

"If you girls are going to be a part of this team, you need to get used to seeing all of my brothers because we will hold practice at my house," I sighed.

"We have Shawn, Gunner, Derek, Blake, Kayden, Kent, Wyatt, Carson, Nick, Justin, Mason, Ryder, Hunter, Daryl, and Connor," Vic said. The girls giggled and whispered except a few who rolled their eyes. I looked at Vic and smiled.

"Give 20 laps around the stage nonstop. You walk, and you are out. GO," I shouted.

"YOU SIX OUT! MOVE IT," I shouted. The six girls left the stage leaving us with 34. Then, the other girls finished.

"30 jumping jacks GO. NONSTOP," Vic shouted. They started.

"YOU 5 OUT," Vic shouted. They finished and stopped.

"20 pushups, 20 curl ups, 10 burpees NOW," I shouted. They were done soon enough.

"Break time you have three minutes," Vic shouted.

"Work them a bit easier Sinclair," Grayson laughed as he walked in.

"SHUT IT KINGSLEY," I growled.

"Ouch. That hurt really," He smirked.

"Did it hurt your ego?" I sneered.

"ENOUGH YOU TWO!! Also, we need a routine," Vic said.

"The Night is still Young," Nick smiled.

"Really," I looked at him.

"It's good and well-choreographed," Liam added.

"It's way too easy and you know we rarely do easy dances," I said.

"Fine. Anyone have any other suggestions," Liam said. We looked at each other in thought. Grayson smirked.

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