Chapter 3 Dance Practice

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*Chapter 3*

*1:00 P.M*

I grabbed a smoothie from the dining hall.

"Hey. I need to make a call. So I'm going to go do that and Then I need to set something's up. Well I'll talk to you guys soon yea," I said. I smiled and left. I walked to the track. I ran 40 laps. I finished my smoothie. I threw the cup away. I walked to my pop dance cabin. I started dancing to the song Hey Mamma. 10 minutes later someone grabbed my arm and pulled me towards them. I crashed into their chest. I looked up to find Grayson.

"Your working yourself too hard. Everyone saw how you didn't eat lunch and the 40 laps you ran in 6 minutes and the 40 push ups. Then you walked away and people here think your fine. Your brothers and I know there's something up. They didn't want to bother you and deal with an angry Abby. I on the other hand. Can handle angry abby. I mean I do it every day. So shorty you going to tell me what's up or am I going to have to pry it out of you," He said. I gasped.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Sorry not buying it," He said. Slow music started playing. He put his hands on my hips. I put my hands on his shoulders. We started slow dancing.

"So You going to tell me the truth," He smirked.

"I'm fine," I said. He lifted me and threw me into the air. He caught me and twirled me.

"How bout now sweetheart," He said.

"I-I'm fine," I stuttered. He buried his face in the crook of my neck and his hands on my hands. We danced. He let go and twirled me and dipped me.

"Tell me the truth babe," He said. His forehead touching mine.

My phone buzzed. He grabbed it. He read through my messages. I looked at the floor. He put the phone down. He walked up to me. He lifted me and spun me. He set me down. He I ran and jumped. He caught me and he spun me. He spun me. We slow danced and he twirled me and dipped me.

"If I can do all that without complaining, Then Honey you're not fat," He said. I walked away. He caught my arm and pulled me back. He twirled me round and round.

"Your perfect. Just the way you are," He whispered. I shivered. He spun me and dipped me.

"What are you?" He asked.

"I-I-I'm perfect just the way I am," I stuttered.

"That's right," He smirked. He lifted me and threw me in the air. I flipped and landed on the ground. I jumped. He caught me and We slow danced a bit. Then the song was over. Everyone started cheering. People were gathered outside the cabin watching. I grabbed my stuff.

"Thanks I think,"I said. He smirked.

"Anytime babe," he smirked. I laughed and walked out. What is that boy doing to me? God he's so confusing! I groaned. I walked to my cabin. I sat down on the Sofa. I can a facetime request from mom. I accepted.

"Hey baby. How are you," She smiled.

"Confused. Angry. Frustrated. Does it matter mom," I asked.

"Why do you have mixed feelings," She smirked.

"1 word," I said.

"Grayson," I sighed.

"What about him?" She smirked.

"Mommm. Stop with the smirk. He must have done that a million times while I was leaving the practice room," I groaned.

"What were you too doing," Dad question.

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