Chapter 21 I'll Carry You Home

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*Chapter 21 I'll Carry You Home*

*Abby's P.O.V* 

We walked down the street to the hotel. We get in the elevator. The girls and lads run in. Lou and Luke hug me. Harry and Niall hug Vic.

"Their Idiots. Don't listen to them," Lanie said.

"Shhh Calm down," Lou said. The elevator doors opened. We got out. We walked to the lads rooms. They sat us down on the bed. We cried. I cried into Lou's chest. Before we knew it we fell asleep.
*Liam's P.O.V*

"I can't believe all this just happened. Knowing the girls they won't talk to any of the boys. The wedding is coming up soon," I said. Lou was cuddled up with Abby. Vic was cuddled up with Harry. All four of them were sleeping. There was a knock on the door. Zayn opened it. Angel, Alison walked in.

"Where are they," Alison asked.

"They cried themselves to sleep," Niall said. They looked sad.

"I swear I'm going to kill those boys," Angel growled.

"Also Lanie. Chris wants you in your room. He's waiting for you there," Alison said.

"We'll get to our rooms too," Risa said. They left. 

"Daddy is Abby and Vic okay," Megan asked. I smiled.

"Almost. It's just that Abby's brothers and their Daddies made them cry," I smiled sadly. They all pouted.

"Well their meanies," Sammy pouted. Zayn Laughed and blew kisses in her faces. We heard footsteps.

"I need to say something to them," Maya said.

"Maya careful," Niall warned. Maya smiled.

"Come on Riles," Maya said. They opened the door and walked out with Peyton, Miles, Sammy, Meg right behind them. We walked out with them.

"I can't believe you guys," Maya said sadly.

"We look up to you. Abby and Vic look up to you. This is how you repay them. You make them cry themselves to sleep. Do you realize how much it hurt to see them cry," Riles said.

"Do you realize that around 76% of new moms and parents have sleep problems. Which means. If your baby's awake, so are you. This also means you're on call throughout the night to feed and comfort the baby. Over the course of eight hours you're up two or three times for 20 minutes or longer. Which is even more grueling than getting just five hours of straight sleep. The result: exhaustion aka being tired," Peyton said.

"They are new moms. Which means their going to be Exhausted, Hormonal, Sore, and they're going to feel alone. So you screaming, shouting, scolding them. Doesn't help. Not at all. Tell me Uncle Spencer how were you when you had Spencer and Jack. Were you never tired, or exhausted. Did you never wish for at least 4 hours of sleep? Were you always a perfect parent that was always on top of things? Was Aunt Alison never tried?" Maya said.

"Abby and Vic are teen moms going through all of these hardships and emotions. They probably want to cry, sleep, but they can't because their are up 24/7 taking care of their 3 kids. Don't say that they get enough sleep because daddy was getting ice last night and they were walking down the halls at 3 in the morning calming and putting their kids to sleep. They are waking up at ungodly hours so Gray and Ryder can get enough sleep and help out in the morning, but guess what. Even in the morning their awake, drinking juice, coffee. Whatever that has caffeine in it just to stay awake and take care of those kids. They take care of those kids 24/7 Non stop. Without any sleep and what are all of you doing. Having fun, enjoying yourselfs while they are exhausted to death," Riles said.

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