Chapter 9 Run In and Problems

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Chapter 9 March 21, 2016*

We are at the 2nd to last award of the evening. The category is best band. My mom won. She walks up on stage. Wait WHAT! All of Vic's and My brothers and our parents were here. The last award is best Dance team Duos. Vic and I were nominated, Grayson and I were nominated.

"The winner is.......," Holton said.

"A two way tie!. The winners are Grayson and Abigail and Vic and Abigail. COME UP YOU THREE," He said happily. We walked up there. He gave us 2 awards. Grayson gave a short little speech.

"Abigail. Your dance team has won every single award that involves Dance and 2 music awards. How are you feeling? What do you have to say to this," He said.

"Well. I want to thank Everyone who voted for my team and everyone that has supported us. Really we wouldn't be where we are without our fans, sponsors and families. We might come from Big Wealthy Families but let me tell you. We don't have our parents get us where we are. We work hard everyday to put on an amazing performance for you. We do what we do because of you. We love you. Thank you again," I smiled.

"Abigail your team always takes home 10 awards out of 12. This year with more awards added you're taking home 24 out of 24. How do all of you feel?" He said.

"Again We feel very thankful to the fans. we are able to do what we do because of your support and love. We are where we are all thanks to you. So these trophies are for you. Thank you for everything," Vic said. We hugged Holton and we walked off stage. We walked back stage.

"Vic text everyone to meet us outside. The show is about to be over and I want to get back home to put all the trophies away," I said. She nodded. We walked out. Everyone was out. We got into our limo and drove back to the hotel and up to our rooms. The bell boys were up here with us.

"Everyone get changed and start packing. We're leaving for home. We have a rehearsal tomorrow for a show we're doing," I said. They nodded. By 10:40 pm. We were sitting in the cars. Grayson finally sat down.

"Everyone has everything," I said. I heard a chorus of yes.

"Grayson did we leave anything behind," I said.

"No. We're good," I said. I did a head count.

"Grayson, Nick, Justin, Mason, Ryder, and Hunter are coming home with Mom and Dad," Daryl said.

"Did they get their bags," I said.
"Yea," Connor said.

"Didn't you want to come home with them," I asked.

"We came with you and we are going to go home with you," Connor said. I shrugged.

"Okay," I said. I started the car. Hunter was running towards the car. He knocked on the window. Daryl put the window down.
"Mom wants you two," He said. I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry but we have rehearsal tomorrow for the dance concert. We need to get home and rest. So we can be ready for it," Daryl said.

"Also you know I don't like sleeping at hotels for too long," Connor said.

"We're going home with Abby," Daryl said.

"We will see you at home tomorrow night," Connor said. Hunter ran back into the hotel. Daryl put the window back up.

"You don't have to do this. Go with Mom. This is my argument. You shouldn't have to be in the middle or pick sides. None of you should. IF you want to be with them then go. I'm not stopping you and there no heart feelings," I said.

"We're staying. This is my argument with dad too you know," Vic said.

"Okay," I said. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove onto the ramp to the highway.

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