Chapter 13 Practice & Surprises

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*Chapter 13 Practice*
"But what?" Shawn said.
"You don't have to stop dating the girls. if you like them the. Dare them but hut make some time to spend with us. That's all we want. Is to spend time with our siblings when we want their comfort the most," Vic said.
"BOYS! Come down here. I need your help with something," Mom shouted.
"We'll talk later," Gunner said. The boys walked out of the room. Then 10 minutes later Niall and the guys walked in. We smiled. They say on the bed around us.
"How did it go with your brothers? Connor asked.
"We talked a little. We're on good terms but Gunner and the others agreed to talk more later because mom called them for their help," Vic explained.
" Okay well do you girls want to start practicing to walk so you can heal faster," Harry said. I nodded. Niall carried me. James carried Vic, Harry and Liam grabbed our crutches.They carried us downstairs and to the back yard. They put us down. Niall and James helped us walk to where the Outdoor pool ended. Then we tried to walk ourselves and we fell. Luckily Niall and James caught us. I felt Niall's eyes on me. I'm starting to get the feeling that he wants to tell me something.
"I think we did enough for now," I said nervously.
"Okay. Well what the guys and I have to go get something, Niall and James can stay though," Lou said, Vic and I nodded. Harry and the guys ran to their house. I looked at Niall.
"Hey Ni. Take me somewhere," I said. He nodded.
"Hey Vic I'll meet you back here in a bit," I said. She smiled and nodded.  Niall helped me down to the beach. We started walking alongside it. I watched the sunset.
"What did you want to talk about," I asked him. He looked at me. We sat down. I laid my head on his shoulder and he leaned his head on mine.
"Well. Can I start by saying. I'm sorry all this happened because of me. If I hadn't scared you then you wouldn't be hurt and you wouldn't have gone into coma. I'm so sorry A," Ni said. I looked at him, He was crying. I hugged him and his kissed his cheek.
"It's not your fault. I don't blame you. I'm thanking you. Before I blacked out I saw you cradling me and crying. If you hadn't applied pressure the way you did, I wouldn't be alive. So I'm thanking you. Thank you Nialler," I said. I rested my forehead against his forehead.
"Thank you,"'I whispered. He smiled cheekily.
"Welcome Now let's get food. I'm hungrrrrrrrry," he said. I laughed. We got up and made our way back to the house. We saw Vic and Ryder. They were talking and or arguing? We walked to them.
"You're impossible," Vic shouted.
"It was simple!" Ryder argued.
"All I said was to do a flip them a twirl. It's not hard," she argued.
"Says the one whose on crutches," he argued. I laughed.
"Why are you two arguing," I asked.
"I asked her what dance routine to practice and she said to do the do it again but add Twirling and flips. Then I tried to do it without her and she said I can do it better and I argued it's hard to without partner. She said just practice my part and we started arguing," Ryder said. I chuckled.
"Okay let's go home and get rest. It's 11:30 at night. Where is James?" I asked.
"I'm here, I was watching them argue. It's funny," James said getting up. Niall picked me up bridal style.
"Let's get you to your room," Niall said.
"Dinner is in both your rooms," Ryder said. We nodded. James picked Vic up. Niall and James carried us inside. Niall got a text. James and Niall put us down on the sofa. Wyatt and Carson walked in.
"Can you take the girls up to their rooms. Brad wants us to hurry back. The 3 people they picked up are here," Niall said. Carson nodded.
"Vic your brothers and parents are all staying on the third floor. They wanted you to stay on the same floor as them today," Wyatt said.
"Okay," Vic said. Vic got up and put her hand around Wyatt's waist. They took the elevator up to the third floor. I got up. Carson held his hand out. I grabbed his hand out. We walked up the stairs to my room. He helped me into bed. He sat by my bed side. I ate my Mac and Cheese no drank my tea. He took the tray and gave me my meds. I took my meds. Soon I heard thunder. I ignored it and fell asleep.
*2:00 a.m *
*a week later*
*Wyatt's P.O.V*
The Lightning and thunder strikes again. I heard Abby crying and whimpered.  I got out of bed and walked to her room. I opened the door and she was crying with her sleep.
"No! no, wait please" she whimpered. The lightning strikes again. She whimpered and cried harder. I ran over to her. I picked her up bridal style.
"Shh. Baby it's okay," I whispered. The thunder roared and she cried.
"D-Don't leave me," she cried in her sleep.
"Shh baby I'm here," I cooed. The Lightning sounds got louder. She cried harder. I walked out and walked to Derek, Shawn, and Gunner's room. I knocked. She cried harder as the thunder roared. I knocked harder. I heard groaning and shuffling. She cried harder with the Lightning strike.
"Open the door damn it," I growled. Everyone got out of their rooms. Except mom and dad. Connor and Ryder walked over. Shawn opened the door. She flinched and whimpered as it rained harder.
"Abby. Wake up," Connor whispered. It thundered and roared. She whimpered and cried.
"No, don't leave," she whimpered.
"Abby wake up. Get up," Connor said shaking her. The Lightning flashed and she woke up crying. I put her down. The Lightning flashed. She whimpered.
"Come here baby," Shawn cooed. She got into Shawn's arms. Her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and cried.
"You got her," Kayden said.
"Yea," Shawn said. We all nodded and went back to our room. I walked to my room and closed the door behind me. Carson opened his eyes and looked at me. I climbed into bed next to him.
"Where did you go," he said sleepily.
"Abby had a nightmare. She's okay now," I said. He nodded. Carson cuddled with me and we fell asleep. Hey! Don't judge, there is nothing wrong with cuddling. I mean he is my twin.
*Shawn's P.O.V*
I walked in and laid her down in the bed, Gunner hugged her and Derek hugged Gunner. I got in bed and hugged Abby. She shivered and whimpered as the lightning strikes got louder.
"No!," she cried.
"Shh. Calm down it's okay. We got you!" I said. Derek and Gunner stirred awake.
"Shh. Baby. Calm down," Gunner cooed. The thunder roared. Derek rubbed her head. She was in Gunner's lap.
"Shhh baby look you're safe,"Derek cooed.
"We got you. Baby. Calm Down,"I cooed. She sniffles and looked at us. Her eyes were filled with fear. I heard another knock. Derek opened the door to find Brice carrying a sleeping Vic. Derek took Vic and then closed the door. He calm back and laid Vic down between Gunner and him. Derek kissed Abby's forehead.
"Why is Vic here," Gunner asked quietly.
"Her parents and brothers are leaving now to the airport. They have to go back to work and or college," Derek said. I nodded. Then he cuddled with Vic and fell asleep. Abby looked at us with tears in her eyes. I patted her head. Gunner hugged her.
"Don't leave me,"she whimpered.
"We won't leave you again," Gunner said. He laid her down between us. She cuddled closer to us. She calmed down and fell asleep.
*11:00 am. A week later*
Abby was in bed. Mom, Dad, our Uncles and Aunts left for their meetings, interview and recording. Vic's older siblings had to go back to college, camp or work. Connor was in the pool with Daryl, Grayson, Hunter, Ryder, Mason, Nick, Justin, Kayden, Kent, Blake,Derek  Carson, and Wyatt. Gunner and I were making smoothies and burgers outside on the grill. I saw Vic and Abby come down in bikini's.  They had their casts taken off a week ago. They hugged us and sat down on the beach chairs. Niall and the guys walked in with their daughters.Zayn,Connor, Louis, Liam and Luke adopted a daughter's.
"ABBY! VIC!" They shouted, they ran and hugged the girls.
"Hey girls," they smiled.
"Where are your swimsuits," Vic said. The girls took their shorts and shirt off. They were wearing bikini's for kids. They guys had a face of horror. We laughed.
"Who bought you those," Liam said.
"Daddy Zayn," they smiled. Connor and Niall fainted.
"ZAYN!," they shouted. Zayn walked in Louis's 4 year old daughter Nicole Tomlinson and Luke's 11 year old daughter Riley Hemmings. Liam has a 5 year old daughter Megan Payne. Connor has a 5 year old daughter Macy Ball. Zayn has a 6 year old daughter Samantha Malik. Nicole was in her floaties.
"You lads shouted?" He said putting Nicole down.
"You bought them bikini," Liam said.
"They wanted to be more like Vic and Abby. So why not," Zayn shrugged.
"UNCLE BLAKE! UNCLE KENT!!," Riley and Megan shouted.
"UNCLE KAY! UNCLE DEREK," Macy shouted. Riley, Megan, and Macy ran into the pool.
"UNCLE RY," Nicole shouted. Ryder got out of the pool and picked Nicole up. He took her into the pool.
"Daddy," Sammy said. She ran to Zayn and hugged his leg. Zayn chuckled and picked her up.
*Abby P.O.V*
Suddenly I felt myself getting lifted. I opened my eyes.
"Okay," he smirked. He dropped me into the pool. I swam to the top. I glared at Grayson. He held his hand out. I grabbed it and smirked. I pulled him in. I got out of the pool.
"Abigail!" A voice said. I turned and saw mom and dad.
" DADDY!!" I squealed. I ran and hugged him.
"Hi baby," he smiled and hugged me back. I looked at him. His eyes were red.
"Daddy what's wrong," I asked. I looked at mom. Her eyes were red too. They looked at me
"Grayson," a voice said.
"Victoria," a voice said. I looked behind me. Mr. And Mrs. Kingsley were here. So we're Uncle Cam and Aunty Angel.
"Dad?" Grayson said.
"Momma," Vic said.
"Abby.Ryder. Honey, we have to talk to you both ," Dad said.

Short chapter I know but the next chapter will have a very big surprise. Hope you liked this chapter.  You guys know the drill.




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