Chapter 18 Bullies, Rough times, Gone too far

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This chappie is dedicated to all the people who read this book and Like it. This book is also dedicated to the people who get bullied so bad they block out their friends and Families. I know its hard to get bullied because I was bullied for half my life because of how I looked or what I wrote and etc. Its hard but remember your not alone. It takes a strong person to hold it all in but it takes and even stronger person to let someone in and cry on their shoulders. I love you all and remember your not alone. 

*Chapter 18 Bullies, Rough times, Gone too Far*

*The next day*

Shawn,Gray, Ryder, Luke, Ash, Harry were giving the kids a bath.

"Hey Liam. I'm going to wake Riley up," I said.

"Okay I'll wake Nicky and Meg up," He said.

"I'll wake Zayn and Sammy up," Lou laughed.

"I'll come with," Ni and Liam said. We walked upstairs. Riley wasn't there. We walked to the bathroom. We knocked. Only running water.

"Riley," I said. The water stopped.

"Open the door Ri," Ni said. We heard a clink and a body fall.
"RILEY OPEN THIS DOOR," I panicked. Jack, Gunner, Kayden and Kent ran in with bats. Jack just shaking his head.
"Idiots. That's what kind of brothers I have," he muttered.

"Jack. Break this door down," I said. He ran and bust the door down. Riley was lying on the floor with a bloody arm.

"Riley," I said.

"Why," Ni said.

"Never Mind that. Get the first aid Kit," Li said. Kayden ran out. Li picked Riley up and sat her down on the counter. Kayden ran in with the kit with Luke behind him. Li cleaned her up and wrapped her arms in gauze. Riley was looking at any of us. She was looking at the floor. Ni was cleaning up the blood in the bathroom. Li got up. Kayden took the kit and walked out.

"Why baby girl," Cal asked.
"Why did you do this," Harry said. She said nothing.

"Pick her up for me," I said. Lou picked her up and carried her.

"Now Follow me," I said. We took the elevator downstairs. We got out and entered our recording studio.

"Vic, Ash, Niall, Cal, Mikey Back me up. Lou sit down with her," I said. All my brothers, the girls, and the 5sos and 1D lads were here. Gray and Ryder were here too. Lillian was with the kids upstairs. We went into the booth. We put on our headphones.
"You know perfect by Pink right," I said. They nodded

"Let's play that and mash it up with Change your life by little mix. They nodded. Vic and I grabbed the mics. They started playing and we sang. 5 minutes later.

"Listen Riley. Listen to those lyrics. Every piece of lyrics have meanings behind them. These are telling you to be you no matter what others think. Be you. Never change not for anyone. We love you because you're you. Trust me when I say that. Who cares what others think," I said.

"Please remember we love you for you and we will prove it to you. Just wait 3 days," Vic smirked.

"Let's call Jaden," I smiled.

"Who's Jaden," Ni asked.

"Our Manager," I said. Gray got on the phone. We walked out.

"Riley come with me," I said holding out my hand. She hesitated then took my hand.

"Ash," I whispered. He turned.

"Yea Sie," He said.

"You still have that C.D," I asked. He nodded.

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