Chapter 5

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*Chapter 5 Kayden P.O.V*

We walked back to the cabin. We sat down.

"Mom, Dad," I said.

"Cam. Did you know this is how she felt,"Dad said,

"Spence Uncle Alex told me. She told Uncle Alex just yesterday,"Cam said.

"Who are we talking about?" Mom asked.

"We are talking about Abigail," I said. Mom looked confused.

"Your daughter Mom," Kent said.

"I have a daughter," She said.

"Yes," Dad said.

"That was quite an outburst," Blake said.

"That wasn't an outburst," Grayson said standing up.

"It was the truth. It's how she feels. If you try to make up for everything. Let me tell you something. It's too late. For her, there's nothing you can do to make up for this. Trust me I know," He said.

"How would you know," Shawn asked. He laughed.

"Shawn remember what I said the other night. Now tell me, When you were away on your vacations and you forgot about her. Whose shoulder do you think she used to cry on," He said. We looked at him.

"That's right. She cried on my shoulders. Day and Night. The only reason she never brought this up to you is because you were busy and she didn't want to be a bother," He said. We didn't say anything.

"Now if you don't mind. I have a girl to cheer up," He said and left.

"Sweetheart We have to go," Dad said.

"Before I forget. We will be going to a party on friday. So go shopping. Get prepared. This is a date kinda party. So bring a date. After the party we will head to the Airport. Your dad and I will be coming home on thursday," Mom said.

"Okay Mom, Dad We need to go," I said. We waved goodbye, We hung up. Our girlfriends walked in.

"Well girls. We're going to a party on Friday and then we are off to Hawaii," I said. We headed out to train the girls. We started practicing.

*8:00 P.M*

*Abby's P.O.V*

I walked to my bed and fell asleep. I heard the door open. Gunner walked in.

"Mom said we're going to attend a party on Friday. So be ready. Also you need a Date for this party," He said.

"Sorry. I can't go. I'm busy Friday. I have flight to catch," I said.

"You're coming," He said.

"I told you Gunner. I can't. I have a fight to catch to florida on Thursday at 1 in the afternoon. It's a last minute trio dance thing. I have the tickets payed for and everything. I was going to tell you guys tomorrow but you came up. Sorry Gunner. I can't make it. Since this is a party I'm guessing Mom and Dad will be there. So tell them I said hey but have fun," I smiled.

"Okay then. Goodnight Abby. Love you," he said. Sure you do.

"Goodnight Gunner," I smiled. He looked hurt. He left.

*Time Skip to Thursday*

*10:00 A.M*

I put on my white and peach flower skirt, plain white crop top, white high heels, and gold bracelet. I straightened my hair and grabbed my white handbag. My sunglasses were on top of my head. My suitcases were ready to go. I put my phone and charger in my handbag. My laptop and charger were in my bag. I walked downstairs. James the butler put my suitcases in limo.

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