Chapter 16 Surprises

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*Chapter 16 Surprises*

"I'll get it," I said.

"I'm coming," Lou said.

"Same," Vic and Harry said, we got out and raced to the door. I opened it. I looked around. Nothing. Then to the ground. I gasped. I saw 2 babies in car seats with baby bags and notes. I gave the notes to Lou. I picked up a car seat and Harry picked the other one up. Vic closed the door. We headed to the living room.

"Harry you better get the others," I said. Lou gasped.

"The mom doesn't want them. She's poor and can't raise them. The dad has run away. She wants them to have a better life. So this is the best option. She loves them and always will. They are only 2 days old. They aren't related though," Lou summarized.

"Vic call our brothers and parents about them please," I said. She nodded and walked to the kitchen. One started crying. I picked her up and I smiled.

"I heard crying. What's going on mate," Li said walking in with the boys behind him.

" Li call the doctor and tell him to bring adoption papers. Connor, Mikey can you make them milk the formula and bottles should be in the bag. Niall, Calum, The vamps boy. Can you go shopping for them. A baby boy and a baby girl. Harry, Ashton can you try to calm them down. I need to call Ryder and Grayson. Everyone scattered. Zayn, Luke, Lou started playing with the baby boy. Li joined them. I walked to the front door and called Grayson. He picked up.

"Hello?"he said.

"Gray. I think. Ryder and you should come home now. It's urgent," I said.

"What's wong?! Are up you okay," he panicked.

"I'm fine. It's something else," I said.

"We're on our way," he said and hung up. I walked back and sat beside Lou.

"What are we going to do,"I said.

"Adopt them. I've always wanted a daughter," Vic smiled. I put my hand on the baby boy's chest. He wrapped his little hand around my finger. We fed them.Then burped them.

"Gray and Ryder are coming. When they come. You guys go to your room. We'll talk to them," I said. They nodded. Niall and the boys came back from shopping. Niall Left the baby clothes and supplies in a suitcases. Then put the suitcase one in Vic's room and one in mine.

"We're going to go to a party. Talk to you girls tomorrow morning," Liam said. They kissed our cheeks and left. Then an hour later. The doorbell rang. Vic answered the door. Ryder, Grayson, the doctor and Vic walked in.

"What's going on," Grayson asked. Vic summarized the letter. I explained the adoption. He walked over to me and looked at the boy.

"Are you sure," he asked.

"I don't want to leave him alone on the streets," I said. He smiled and said okay. We signed the adoption papers and name them. Then the doctor left. The boys walked in. They saw the babies and walked over.

"Names" Liam said.

"Spencer Chase Kingsley," I said.

"Sierra Danielle Sinclair," Vic said. They cheered. I looked at the time. It's 11:00 pm.

"Well it's late. I'm going to bed," Luke say. We walked to our room. I put the car seat and diaper bag next to the night stand. I laid Spencer down on the bed. I changed and Grayson did too.

"Don't you have to stay. You can go back. If you need to go to work," I said.

"We finished our work. The rest of the vaca is ours," he said. I nodded and crawled into bed. He crawled into bed and turned the lights off.

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