Chapter 17 Bonding Day and Hospital Time

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*Chapter 17 Bonding day and Hospital Time*

*6 Months later*

These past 6 months have been calm and fun. I've been hanging out with the Vic, 1D and 5SOS boys. Also I've been hanging with Connor and My brothers. I haven't really seen Shawn, Jack, Gunner, Derek, Blake, Kayden, Kent, Wyatt or Carson. I guess they're really busy. I hope I can spend time with them soon. I miss them. Especially Jack.

"Um. Abby," Lou said. I mean I haven't seen him in the longest time. I really want to spend time with Jack.

"Abbyyyy," Harry and Zayn said. Don't get me wrong. I love my other brothers and miss them but They haven't been away fighting in war like Jack has. Every time I thought about him fighting it scared me to pieces. I didn't want to lose him. I mean he is my brother after all.

"ABIGAIL," Niall, and Luke shouted.

"Huh. Yea," I said.

"What do you want to do," They asked.

"Sleep. Eat dark chocolate with mint," I said.

"You hate mint," Niall said. I shrugged.

"A pregnant woman eats what they want to eat," I said. They laughed.

"DADDDDYYYY," Sammy said walking in. With Nicole, Megan and Riley walking in behind them.

"Yes love," Zayn said.

"Have you seen Uncle Ash, Uncle Michael, Uncle Calum and Daddy," Riley said.

"No sorry. They're probably in the house somewhere," Niall added.

"We're playing hide and seek," Megan said.

"WE've been seeking for them for an hour now," Nicole whinned. Niall and Harry burst out laughing.

"Come on girls We'll help you," Harry chuckled. Niall and Harry walked out.

"I miss them," I said. Lou hugged me.

"I know," He cooed.

"I miss them too. We haven't seen them in the longest time," Vic said.

"Let's go over," Liam said.

"We can bring the girls," Lou added. I nodded. We got up and walked to the door. I walked into Gray's home office.

"Where are you going Sweetheart," He asked looking down at some papers.

"Over to Shawn's. Vic, The boys, the girls and I are going to go over for a while," I said.

"Okay. be safe," He said.

"Will try," I said. I hugged him and he kissed me. I smiled and walked out. All the boys and girls had gathered.

"Let's go. Haz you're driving," I said.

"Alright Honey. Let's go," He said. We walked out and piled into the van. Harry drove us to shawn and the boy's. In 20 minutes we got there. He parked the car. We got out and walked to the door. The door opened and there stood Carson and Gunner in all their naked glory. Their rippling muscles, toned body and 8 packs.
"What's that," Megan said point towards the 8 pack. We covered the girl's eyes.

"Carsonnnn. Gunnerrrr put on shorts ands a shirt or something," I whinned. They chuckled and pulled Vic and I into a hug.

"YUCK YOU'RE SWEATTYY," Vic squealed. They let us go and Hugged the girls. The girls squealed to how smelly and sweaty they are. We walked inside and into the kitchen.

"Connorrrr," I whinned. Connor walked out of the kitchen with a but load of food. I facepalmed myself.

"FOOOOODDD," Nialll cheered. Connor and Niall sat down and started binging on the food.

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