Chapter 12 Coma and Facing Problems

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Chapter 12 *
*Niall's P.O.V*
I felt tears welling up inside me. I heard crying. I turned Brad and the boys were in tears. So were the girl's parents. Everyone was in tears except the brothers. Connor was staying strong.
"Right now it's hard to tell when they will wake up but if we were to do an estimate then I'm estimating around 3 weeks or maybe even a month. It's all in the hands of themselves. We will help them as much as possible, but they decide the fate of their own lives now," Dr.Pflum said.
"Come on we will take you all up to their floor. Keep it to 5 people at a time," Dr.Pflum said. We got in elevators. We rode it up to 2nd floor. The ICU Unit.
"Now everyone wait in this waiting room. They girls help handed throughout the whole surgery and would not let go so they are in the same room," Dr.Ross said.
"They are in room 230 down this hall take a left and follow the room numbers. Until you find 230. Also their should be 2 doctors standing by their door," Dr.Pflum said. Then the 2 doctors left to the elevator.
"Why don't 1D go first, Next The Vamps, Than 5SOS and then the rest of us will go," Connor said. The lads went down the hall and took a left. We walked to her room. We met 2 doctors. Dr. Young and Dr. Baker.
"Careful, Try not to touch the equipment and Keep your voices at a minimum," Dr. Baker said. The 2 doctors left. We walked inside. They looked pale and lifeless. They had bunch of wire attached to their wrists and arms. They were covered in casts, braces and bandages.  We gave speeches. Then the lads and I left. We walked to the waiting room We all took our turns.
*10:00 p.m*
Then Uncle Cameron spoke up.
"I think we should go home and get rest and freshen up a bit," He added. Well all looked lifeless.
"I'll stay here overnight," I said.
"So will I," Lukey and Liam said.
"Same here," Harry, Zayn and Lou said.
"The rest of us will go home and get some rest," James said.
"I'll call you all if something happens," I said. They nodded and left down the elevator. All 5 of us walked to the girls room. We walked inside. Luke and I extended the sofa. We all sat down.
"Let's get some sleep," Li said. He turned the lights off. Harry and Lou cuddled. Liam and Zayn fell asleep.
"I wanna cuddle," Luke pouted. I chuckled. Luke and I cuddled.
*2 months later Niall's P.O.V*
We all have been taking turns staying the night. They had their braces took off a month ago. They also had their Right arm and leg casts take off. They weren't on blood bag I.V anymore either. Tonight was Harry, Lou and I. It's 1 in the afternoon. Everyone else is at home.
"Harry and I are gonna get something to drink. Want anything," Lou asked.
"No," I muttered. They looked sad. Then left the room.
"Come on girls. Wake up. You girls need to wake up! You can't leave me," I cried.
"Please," I cried.
"Don't cry," a soft voice said.
"Water," Another voice said. I looked up. The girls woke up. I handed them both water. I ran out and got the nurse and Dr. Pflum.
"Okay You girls went through a lot. Can you tell me your names, Age, Date and Parents names and number of brother and this friends name," He said.
"I'm Victoria Claire Monroe," Vic said.
"I'm Abigail Sierra Sinclair," Abby said.
"We are 16. Today is March 29, 2016. Today is our birthday," They said.
"My parents are Spencer and Alison Sinclair. I have 15 brothers and that is Niall James Horan. My best Mate," Abby said.
"My parents are Angel and Cameron Monroe. I also have 15 brothers. That's Niall James Horan. He's always hungry," Vic smiled. I laughed.
"Okay good. Expect it's May  31. You have been in coma for 2 months now," The doc said. They nodded.
"They are in good health and everything seems to be in order now. They can go home as soon as the discharge papers are in and you get the medication slip. Also your crutches are here they will help you out," He said.
"I have taken all the casts off except the left leg. We will get that off at your next appointment. Here put these hand braces on, but use crutches or wheelchair. Then slowly make your way to standing up," He said. We nodded. We helped the girls put on wrist braces on both arms. The doc and nurse left. I called Harry and Lou. They were on their way up. They called the others to tell them we are coming home. Harry and Lou ran in. They hugged the girls. The nurse came in with the prescription.
"Just Painkillers. On your way out you will see a window there your prescription is ready. Pick it up on your way out. Also You are free to go," She said. I nodded. She pulled in 2 pairs of crutches. Lou helped Vic stand and get on her crutches. I helped Vic. Harry was gathering everyone's stuff. The nurse handed a bag with the girls phones, clothes and jewelry in it. Harry took the bag. We made our way down to the 1st floor. We helped them to the window. We grabbed the meds. Then we made our way out of the hospital and to the van. We help them inside the car. Harry sat between them. Lou was driving. I sat in the passenger's seat.
*2 hours later*
Harry grabbed their belongings. They were on crutches. We helped them into our house. Harry closed the door behind himself. We helped them to the living room. We helped them sit.  James, Zayn, Li came running down. Then everyone else came.
"I'm soo happy both of you are awake and well," Li said hugging Vic then Abby. They all hugged.
"Now it's time to head over to your home. Connor is waiting," I said. They looked at the ground.
"Don't worry. We're coming with love," Zayn said.They nodded.
"Ni," Abby said.
"James," Vic said.
"Yes," James and I said.
"Carry us. These crutches hurt," Abby said. We nodded. Harry grabbed Abby's crutches. Liam grabbed Vic's crutches. Luke grabbed the bag with their belonging in it.
"Let's go," I smiled. I picked Abby up bridal style. James picked Vic up. We all walked out and waited on Brad. Then he joined us.
"Making sure everything was locked," He said. We nodded. We walked down the beach. Soon we were at their houses. We walked up the steps and opened the back door. We stepped into the kitchen. Brad closed the door behind us. Mary and Tyler ran over to us. They hugged and kissed the girl's forehead. Then reminded the girls that they loved them. We walked past the dining room and into the living room. Everyone is sitting on the sofas. The arm rest chair is open. We set them down on the arm chair. They cuddled up. We sat on the ground around them. Connor walked over to them.
"Are you girls okay," He whispered. Abby and Vic nodded.
*Abby's P.O.V*
"Are you girls okay," Connor whispered. Vic and I nodded.
"How are you feeling?" He asked. We looked at each other and then at him.
"We're f-fine," We said in a hoarse voice. He hugged us. We hugged him back.
"Nialler. Can you take us up to our room," I said in a soft voice. Niall and James got up. They picked us up. I wrapped my arms around Niall's neck. The 5sos, vamps, 1D boys, Vic and I made our way upstairs. Zayn stayed down there. We walked into my room. Niall and James up us down on my bed. Then put the covers over us. Harry & Lou came back with our phones and handed it to us. Our crutches were beside us on the ground. Our meds were on the nightstand. 
"Thank you," They said quietly.
"We're going to head home and freshen up. We'll see you in an hour or so," Niall said. We nodded. We hugged and kissed the boy's cheeks.
"Also I checked your trophies. You have 424," Lou said.
"Remember to take your meds in about 10 minutes," Niall said before heading out. They walked out of the room. Our parents walked in. Dad Hugged me.
"Hey Baby," He whispered.
"Hi Daddy," I whispered.
"How are you feeling," He whispered.
"I've been better Daddy," I said. Mom came up behind him.
"Hey Abby," She smiled.
"Hi mom," I said.
"I missed you Abby," The said. I hugged them.
"I missed you too," I smiled.
Both your brothers have been dying to see you. We'll send them in. Try talking to them. Please," Angel said. We nodded.
"We'll try," I said. They kissed our foreheads and walked out. I heard scolding. I grabbed the med bag. Then they started walking in. They surrounded us. Gray went first. He hugged us.
"When I said Have fun. I didn't mean it this way," He chuckled. We smiled. He kissed our cheeks.
"Get better soon. I'll be in my room if you need me," He whispered. We nodded. He left and closed the door behind him. Daryl got on the bed and started jumping.
"Daryl!," They shouted.
"It's fine," We croaked.
"Come here," Vic said. Daryl ran and sat down between us. We hugged him.
"How are you sis," He said looking at us. We smiled.
"We're fine," I said. I fiddled with the bag. Daryl took it and opened it. The took out 8 bottles. He read them.
"Both You have to take 2 of each," He said. He ran off the bed and got 2 water bottles from the fridge. Then he ran back and sat down between us again. He opened the bottles. He opened my water bottle for me and handed me my meds. I swallowed them all and drank water. Vic did the same. He closed the bottles and put them back in the bag. I put the bag on the nightstand.
"Thank you Daryl," we said. He smiled.
"Abby...," Shawn said.
"Vic," Brice said.
"It's okay. Save yourself the trouble. It's fine," I said. 
"You can go. James, Brad, Niall and the Guys will be over in an hour. We'll be fine until then. So you can go. You're all probably Busy," Vic said.
"Abby. Please," Kent said.
"Listen to us. Please Vic,"Lloyd said.
"I told you it's okay," Vic said.
"Dammit! Stop talking both of you and LISTEN TO US," Mason shouted.
"What he means to say is that let us talk," Logan said.
"We're sorry. We broke up with the girls and kicked them out. We're sorry we thought they could be trusted and we let our guard down. We fell for them and their schemes. We're sorry. Forgive us please,"Ryder said.
"It's okay. We understand," Vic and I said.
"We just missed having the old you around. We don't like the new you. You guys used to be so caring, sweet, and protective. Now you're so aggressive, mean, and rude. We don't like this new you. We miss our old brothers," I said.
"We don't care if you ignore us when school starts. We don't care if you pretend to not know us in school. We just want the old brothers back.  The ones who cared at home. The ones who cared about us, played pranks, comforted us when we had nightmares and went with us to concerts and took us in walks and practiced dance routines with us," Vic said.  Their faces were filled with guilt.
"We're really sorry. We won't go out with them ever again.  Just please forgive us," Shawn said. I smiled. Vic and I looked at each other.
"We forgive you but......... ," Vic and I started

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