Chapter 20

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*Chapter 20 The Extravaganza*

*3 in the morning*

"Okay It's perfect. Now if she changes the theme or songs. We use the same dance and talk about it," I said. Everyone nodded.

"Now let's freshen up and hit the road. We need be down at Daytona in 4 hours and check into the hilton hotel where she's holding this whole extravaganza," Vic said.

"It's Wednesday. Why a day early," Liam ask.

"So we can go dress shopping and what not," I said. He nodded.

"Girls Get the kids ready. Guys pack your bags and be down at the limos in an hour," Vic said. We nodded We took the elevator upstairs to the 2nd floor. Vic and I walked to the nursery. We packed the little ones bags. Holden walked in and took the bags downstairs. I gave them a sponge bath and put them in their onesies. We put them in their carseats. Rose and Lillian walked in.

"Take their strollers to the cars," I said. They nodded and took the strollers down. Ni and Harry walked in.
"We'll help," Harry smiled. Harry took Spencer. I took Isa and Isaac. Ni took Sierra. Vic tok Alex and Dylan. We walked downstairs and out to the limo. We put them in the limo and strapped them in.

"Harry, Ni can you stay with them while we go get our bags," I asked. They nodded. We ran upstairs.

"You think they're mad," Vic asked.

"Definitely, but It's for their own good. I mean. I don't want to lose him," I said.

"Same," She said.

"We'll beat them," I smiled. We hugged and walked to our rooms. I opened the door. The bags were packed. Grayson stepped out in shorts and a muscle tank. I walked into the bathroom and changed into Strapless dress and Sandals. I took my purse and put my makeup kit, Chargers, phone and my mini purse inside. I packed my boxing duffel bag.

"You don't need to pack clothes. I packed them. You just need to pack your duffel bag and purse," Grayson said. I nodded. I grabbed my suitcases, purse and duffel bag and walked to the door. I opened the door.

"Why did you do this," Gray said. I looked at him. He had his suitcases with him.

"What do you mean," I said.

"You replaced us for this dance. Why?" He asked.

"I just felt like I needed to change it up," I said.

"You're lying to me," He said. I sighed.

"You'll just have to wait till the end of this birthday battle to find out why I did what I did," I said. We walked downstairs. We put our stuff in the trunk and got into our trunks. Everyone got into their limos and we pulled away.

*5 P.M*

We arrived and got settled in our hotel. The girls and I just got back from shopping.

"Let's get ready," Faith smiled.

*7:00 p.m*

We grabbed our duffel bags and made our way to the party in the ballroom. We walked to our table. Mom, Dad and the other family walked over and sat down with 5S0S, 1D Boys, The little ones, Gray and Ryder. We all sat down. Lanie walked in. She did her father daughter dance. People danced for her. She cut the cake. Then everyone slow danced. Then She grabbed the mike.


"The girls also agreed to my terms and made ones of their own. So. Let's see who wins," She said.

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