XXXI- "You're Welcome To Go Topless"

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When Indianna woke she felt unusually heavy. She looked down and saw Greyson's arms wrapped around her and she sighed, trying to wriggle out of his iron grip.

A loud chuckle filled the room and Greyson tightened his hold on Indianna. "Morning, sugar," he said.

"Get off me."

"Arent you a ray of sunshine," Greyson said sarcastically.

"Please my darling idiotic mate, get the hell off me or I will piss all over you."

"Charming," Greyson snorted but he reluctantly let go of Indianna and she walked over to the en suite that connected on to the bedroom. "Are you going to school today?" Greyson called.


"Are you sure you're going to be okay?"

"I'm fine. If I hide because of Rogue it means he's won," Indianna shrugged and closed the bathroom door behind her. She did her business and then had a quick shower, washing yesterday and her nightmare away. She wrapped herself in a towel and made her way back into her bedroom to find Greyson sitting on her bed in new clothes and damp hair.

"Girls take ages to shower," he said and his eyes travelled up and down Indianna's body.

*Perv,* she snapped and Greyson smirked.

"I didn't get round to sending someone to collect some clothes for you yesterday so I borrowed some stuff from Brooklyn" Greyson said and handed Indianna a pile of clothes.

"That's not Brooke's," Indianna said, looking at the black jumper.

"I know. It's mine."

"I'm not wearing your clothes."

"You're welcome to go topless," Greyson smirked and Indianna narrowed her eyes, spinning round and walking back into the bathroom. She dropped her towel to the floor and quickly got changed. She was wearing a pair of Brooke's denim shorts that were a little too short for Indianna's liking, and Greyson's jumper that was so big on her it nearly covered the shorts completely.

She had to admit, it was a comfy jumper.

Indianna looked at her reflection in the mirror and ran her fingers through her damp hair. Her mark was clearly on show and she narrowed her eyes, attempting to hide it with the jumper.

"Sugar, hurry up, I'm bored!" Greyson yelled and Indianna rolled her eyes but made her way back into the bedroom and grabbed her school bag off the floor. She stuffed her feet into her converses she was wearing yesterday and looked at Greyson who was smirking at her. "You look hot in my jumper."

"Shut up," Indianna muttered. "I'm going to get my clothes tonight."

Greyson ignored her and stood up from the bed. "Ready for breakfast?"

"I'm not hungry. Greyson, I want to see the girl-"

"She's unconscious," Greyson said and wrapped his arm round Indianna's waist. "Doc reckons she'll be out for a while, you can see her tonight."

Indianna pursed her lips but nodded and walked with Greyson out of the room. The hallways were full of life with pack members rushing everywhere. Indianna edged closer to Greyson and smiled cautiously back at the pack members who smiled at her. When they made it to the ground floor they had passed many people and Indianna was surprised to find out how many pack members went to her high school. Greyson had said that they were a very young pack, but still extremely powerful.

Greyson led Indianna outside and to his car. She climbed in the passenger seat and Greyson started the car, speeding away from the pack house and towards school.

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