XXIX- The Girl

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Greyson rushed out of the house just as Ace emerged from the woods carrying a bloody body in his arms.

It was a young girl.

Indianna gasped and Greyson quickly grabbed Indianna's shoulders and span her round so she couldn't see the body. She could hear whimpering and cries of pain from the girl and it broke Indianna's heart.

She knew how she felt.

"Greyson, let me see!" Indianna snapped, but his grip was firm. He didn't want Indianna to see the girl, he knew it would only bring back bad memories.

Members of the pack had gathered outside and Kal took the bloody girl from Ace and rushed inside- to Doc probably.

"What happened?" Greyson demanded and let go of Indianna. She went to follow Kal inside but Greyson grabbed her waist and pulled her into his side.

"I don't know for sure," Ace frowned. "I smelt blood so I followed the scent and found the girl in the woods. She had been attacked and bitten twice."

"Bitten where?" Greyson demanded and Ace looked at Indianna.

"On her stomach and wrist."

Indianna froze and she felt sick forming in her throat. "R-Rogue," she whispered and Greyson cursed.

Rogue had harmed the girl to taunt Indianna.

"Everyone, search the land! I want Rogue found and killed!" Greyson yelled and pack members scattered.

"I-I need to see her," Indianna gasped and pulled away from Greyson.

"Sugar, I don't think that's a good idea-"

"It's my fault!" Indianna snapped and took a shaky breath. "I need to make sure she's okay. Alive." Indianna rushed into the house and hurried to the infirmary. She could smell the blood. The metallic scent getting stronger and stronger the closer she got to the infirmary.

Indianna gasped in surprise when she crashed into somebody and Kirstie steadied her. "Indianna, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I-I..." Indianna trailed off. "The g-girl- I've got to go!" Indianna barged past Kirstie and finally made her way to the infirmary. She gasped at what she saw; the girl was laying on a bed and Doc and Kal were on either side of her both covered in blood.

Indianna pushed the door open and Kal's head snapped up to hers. "Indie, you won't want to see this," Kal said quickly just as the girl screamed in pain.

Indianna flinched and looked at the girl in horror. "W-Will she be okay?" Indianna whispered and Doc looked at Indianna.

"She's lost a lot of blood, but she is conscious and has enough energy to scream, so hopefully she will be, I just need to close up her wounds. As long as she stays awake she should be fine," Doc informed her and Indianna sighed in relief. "Luna, you may want to leave, what I'm going to do next isn't pleasant." Doc picked up a large needle and Indianna flinched, backing up and closing the door to the infirmary.

"Sugar." Indianna gasped in shock and span round to see Greyson. "Are you okay?"

"I..." Indianna gulped and leaned back against a wall. She ran a hand down her face and sighed. "It's my fault. Rogue wants me so he hurt that little girl-"

"Stop," Greyson said sternly and placed his hands on Indianna's shoulders, narrowing his eyes at her. "It's not your fault, don't you dare say that it is."


"Indie!" Greyson snapped. "Rogue is evil! He does what he does for fun! It's not your fault!"

Indianna gulped and looked through the window of the infirmary door. Doc was hunched over the girl and Indianna winced when she saw the glimmer of the needle. "It is."

Suddenly there was a sharp pain in Indianna's head and she flinched, looking up at Greyson who was glaring at her. "It's not."

"Did you just-"

"Yes," Greyson snapped. "Now fucking listen to me, don't blame yourself."

"I can't help it!" Indianna exclaimed and pushed Greyson away from her. "I just need to go to bed," she muttered and walked past him. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as she made her way to her new room. She didn't bother changing out of her clothes, she just crawled under the soft covers of her new bed and closed her eyes.

Why was Rogue doing this?

What did he want with Indianna?

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