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"So I have this uncle. And he called my aunt tell her that he has plan that will make them a billion dollars guaranteed. He said that there are eskimos in alaska that own a forest with a 700 foot tall tree, that is 200 years old. Now its not the 200 foot tree that is 700 hundred years old that is actually real."


"Yup. So he says that these eskimos don't talk to white people, but they're talking to him. And all he needs is 2 million dollars so he can send the signed papers and buy the insurance he needs."

"2 million dollars?"

"Yes 2 million dollars. Anyway so he went to prison a few years back 'cause he's a con-artist and is known for lying. So there's this ban thing that says he can't sign papers. And my aunt asks him how he's gonna sign these papers and he says that he is going to become the leader of theses Eskimo people, so it won't matter."

"I can't stop laughing"

"So he's gonna become the leader of these eskimos and he need two million dollars so he can make a billion"

"Did she actually give him the money?"

"No she's not that stupid"

"I kinda wanna see that happen"

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