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12:06 AM

"Hello? Is that girl here?"

"Wow, didn't even let me begin talking. Rude"

"I'll take that as a yes"

"Why are you calling again? Especially this late. Is it another prank?"

"Actually, I'm bored"

"Well nice to meet you bored. I'm Jade"

"Cool name"

"So, what's your name, 'Bored'?"


"Luke, I am your-"

"I'm gonna have to cut you off there. Plus that's not how it's said"

"I know, but.. So, Luke. With a C or K?"

"K obviously"

"That's sad, because if it was with a C, then it would be like Luce, then I could call you Lucifer"

"Why would you want to call me that!?"

"I don't know, seems like a cool name"


"I am not a Satanist. I just happen to like a character with that name, that also happens to be played by a guy named Mark"

"Wait, Mark who"

"Mark Pelle-"

"~There are people waiting, stop talking about random crap and get back to work~"

"Um... "

"Hey, it's ok. Call you back later?"

"Sure. Bye"

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