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"Jade! Guess what I just did!"

"Please tell me you didn't hurt yourself"

"No, I got to go to a shooting range today with my uncle! He brought his AR, semi-automatic of course, and let me shoot it. And the best part was that it was in the 22 caliber, so it didn't kick or anything!"

"Luke, you basically just spoke Spanish to me"

"Oh, well, today I got to shoot this really awesome gun"

"I don't like guns, they scare me."

"Oh uh....."

"I realize that you obviously enjoy it, by the way your screaming in my ear, but guns can seriously hurt people."

"If it makes you feel better, I was shooting at a paper zombie, I felt like I was in The Walking Dead"

"I guess that makes me somewhat better, but who were you?"

"I guess I'm Carl now"

"My eighth grade computer teacher was named Karl, but we had to call him Mr. Preen!"

"Okay then"

"He was insane! He had over 3000 cats in this sanctuary in his back year. But what really confused me was he had a snake cage too!"

"I wonder if he is still alive? He taught like four of my teachers in junior high"

"That's great Jade"

"I know right!"



Thank you every body that commented on A Few Questions, I read every single comment!

BTW Mr. Preen is actually my teacher so fun stuff.


Stay Street |-/


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