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[Original cover. Made by Tera]

This is my first go at one of these stories. I've recently begun to find a love for them, thanks to these stories which also inspired this one:

Teen Help Line, Pizzeria Boy, and Waffle Cones

Thanks for just clicking on this. -Tera



❝Hello, this is tech support. How may I help you?❞

"Well, I might have microwaved my phone..."

❝Ok, stop it Luke. No one would do that❞

"Um, I'm not Luke, and that was a serious question..."


When Jade Linder takes a job at Tech Support, she expects a boring, joke of a job. What she doesn't expect is a guy who might be better than she originally thinks.

When Luke Kassis calls into the town's local Tech Support, he would never dream of finding a friend, much less a person like Jade.

Who knew you could bond over a job that's also meme.

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