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"I have this amazing story I just remembered and that I need to tell you"


"Ok, so I was, in I think either 7th or 8th grade when this happened. I was waiting in the Library when one of the teachers walked in. She looked like she was so done. Anyways, she proceed to tell the following story:"

"It was 8th period which is usually the worst class of the day because its all the left overs and its just the end of the day. That class was a chapter ahead of the others so she was like, 'Why dont we go outside. Its Friday, lets have a relaxing class outside.' That was a mistake. She takes them out there. One boy decided he was going to jump the fence to pick blackberries. Well, he goes to hop the fence and rips his pants. He manages to keep the blackberries though because he started passing them out."

"Now, in that class there were these twins. They werent supposed to have classes together, but they both got put into that class and no one wanted to move. In the classroom they sat on opposite sides but they were outside. So they both get berries and start having a fight. Well one gets his brand new shirt covered in juice while the other was hit so hard that he was somehow bleeding. Well they go back inside"


"Yeah. but Im not finished"

"So they go back inside and one of the twin's phone and wallet are sitting on teacher's desk. The other twin asks her, "Hey, can you open up his wallet." So she does, not thinking anything of it. At that point the twin who had just asked the question says, "Hey, I hope she doesnt see whats in your wallet." At that point the other twin, the one who the stuff belonged to, starts jumping desks across the room to get to it. At first the teacher is confused as to why its so important to the kid, but then she soon realizes what a 14 year old boy would have in his wallet, even though he really doesnt need it."

"So the kid gets his stuff back, but this one girl didnt catch on and starts going through his wallet and realizes what the fuss was about and soon becomes embarrassed. The twin with the wallet procedes to argue why its necessary for him at that age. And all of this happened in a 30 minute time frame. Needless to say, 1. that was the best story I'd ever heard and 2. I felt so bad for that teacher"

"Oh.. My.. God"

"Luke, are you ok, you sound like you're dying"

"Thats cause I am! I cant breathe"



"Now. Now you have me laughing"


Yes. This story is 100% true.

So, I'm gonna do this thing where you can ask a character a question. If you're on mobile, respond to their name. If you're on web just comment with with name and question.



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Stay Amazing |-/


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