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"Guess what I have"


"Chicken in a bag"

"Chicken. In. A. Bag?"

"Yep. Chicken in a bag, chicken in a bag, I got me some chicken in a bag!"

"Thats such a nice little song, but why do you have chicken in a bag?"

"Cause I want to"

"Not a good reason, but ok"

"Chicken in a bag, chicken in a-"

"Bye Lucifer"

"Aw, bye Jade, love you"

"Love you too"


So the origin of this chapter is Liz woke up one morning and they didnt have a container for her chicken that she was going to eat for lunch, so they put it in a bag. She started singing that song. Well later on he little sister joined in and they became really annoying.

So yeah! Inside jokes!

Stay Amazing |-/


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