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"Hey Jade"


"So, for some odd reason I feel like we should be celebrating"


"I dont really know, but lets celebrate!"




I started this book back in February thinking no one would read it. I uploaded a few chapters. Did another one the next week and set it down for a week or two. Around my spring break, late teens of March, I started updating again, but this time people were starting to actually read it. Around March 17th or so, this story got its first rank. It was somewhere in the 500's. After around 5 days, it was 103. It reached 76 the next day. Then on the first, it reached singe digits. It jumped around in the high single digits, but soon alternated from 4th, 3rd, and 2nd for the next 2 weeks. I remember thinking that number 2 was crazy. Now its at one.

This story first reached 1k reads on the 19th. A week later, 10k. After that, this story was getting 4-5k reads per day. Thats insane. It reached 50k reads on the third (of April). About 9 days later, it reached 100k. And its almost to 150k.

We honestly dont deserve the support y'all have given this story. I owe #1 to y'all and y'all alone.

Thank you so so much. This is just amazing

-Tera and Liz |-/

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