B-iv (Christmas Special)

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Christmas Morning


I rolled to my side and moved to the right a little bit. Where I expected to find the warm body of my boyfriend, Luke, I found the chilling vacuum of emptiness. I turned my head back to my left and forcefully cracked open my eyes.


It was too early for Luke to be up. Then I remembered, it was Christmas morning! Feeling a little more upbeat, I turned to my left and threw my legs over the side of my bed and stood up. I groggily trudged to the bathroom and took care of myself. Walking back into my room, I found myself unplugging my phone and stuffing it into my pocket.

Where in the world is that idiot?

I reached the end of the hallway which expanded into the living room/kitchen. There, under the tree which Luke made me put up, were a few presents. On the couch next to the festive cone sat Luke, shirtless and in Christmas spandex. I laughed and started to walk over to him.

"Wait there," He jumped up and ran across the room to the kitchen. He grabbed a mug, filled it with what I presumed coffee, and rushed back over to me.

"Merry Christmas!" He handed me the mug and hugged me. He then proceeded to run back over to the couch like a hyperactive puppy.

Still half asleep, I walked over the the couch and sat next to him, snuggling into his side. I noticed how cold the house was.

"Luke, it's 80 outside, why is it so cold in here?" He looked at me and shrugged. I sighed and pulled a blanket over me and over a little of his leg. For a good ten minutes we sat together, just drinking coffee and enjoying each other's presence. He craned his neck over. After noticing I was done, he spoke.

"Time for presents!" He went to the tree and brought back the four gifts that sat under it. He gave a normal sized box and a smaller one to me, and took the two remaining boxes that had his name on it. He sat on the floor in front of me and took out his camera.

"Smile!" I looked up, but he snapped a picture before I could do anything.

"I'm not going to tell you when i'm taking pictures, so make sure you always look your best," he was grinning ear to ear, "That won't be a challenge for you though." I blushed and looked down at the boxes in my lap. I took the smaller one and shook it. Hearing nothing, I decided to tear into it. Behind the wrapping paper, was a box. Who would've guessed?

"A box! Oh I love it so much Luke!" He got a laugh out of that, then motioned for me to continue. Carefully, I broke the tape, and finally opened the box. Inside was a nice Razer headset and a $50 Steam gift card.

"Woah. Oh man this is fancy. And a gift card! But 50 dollars...." I was rambling in excitement until Luke placed his hand on my leg.

"Jade it's ok. And the 50 wasn't that much." I wanted to argue, but then stopped when I thought of his present.

I moved on and turned to my next box. Repeating the process, I opened the box and inside was orange fabric. Picking it up, I soon realized that it was more than just orange. There was white and green. It was a Charmander onesie. I squealed.

"I love it! This is amazing!" I stood up and slipped it on. It was huge which meant I had lots of room to move around. I leaned down and hugged him, then I moved back to the couch.

"Your turn Lucifer."

He picked the smaller box first. He tore into it like a rabid dog. Encased in the small red box was a Pop! Vinyl figure of none other than Lucifer from Supernatural. An even bigger grin made it's way to his face. He set it to the side and picked up the big box up next to him. He grunted as he placed the heavy box in his lap. His excitement sloping into wonder, he delicately took the paper off. He slowly took the lid off and gasped. He looked up at me about the time I took another picture.

"Jade..." In the box was a brand new electric blue guitar. He gently lifted the guitar out of the box and he ran his fingers over it while inspecting every inch of it. And then he hugged it, a grin found it's way back to his face. Even I was smiling. He placed it down and snuggled next to me. Embracing me in a hug, he whispered in my ear, "I love it so much."

"I love you Luke" I leaned back and looked up at him.

"I love you more, Jade"

And that's where we sat most of the day, just cuddling and enjoying each other's company. 


Merry Christmas! 

Or you know, happy (whatever holiday you celebrate).

I hope your Sunday was good, here's a little bonus for Christmas. 

Stay Amazing!

-~Tera & Liz

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