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[Cover made by beckywiththegoodhair]

9:16 PM

"This is our ninth call. Tell me about you"

"How do you know it's me"

"No one calls here anymore, a new place opened and is taking all the business"

"Oh that's kinda sad"

"Eh, not really, so tell me about you"

"Only if you do the same"


"Ok, so my name is Luke. I'm 20. I'm at the little college here in town, studying to be a business person. Your turn"

"That's hardly anything. Talk about your favorite things"

"You never said how much"

"Do I need to read out one of those 99 question quizzes?"


"Good, now talk"

"My favorite color is black like my soul-"

"Oh mine too!"

"Like I was saying, my favorite instrument is the guitar. Mainly because I know how to play it. My favorite food is food. My favorite genre of music has to be more classic rock than anything else. Um, let's see. When I lived at home, it was just me and my mom. My brother died in a car wreck when he was 17. I was 8 at the time. Never knew my dad. What else? I love reading, that's the best thing in the world. My favorite TV show is either The Walking Dead or Supernatural. No "reality" tv."

"Dang. My life isn't anywhere near as exciting as yours"

"Well, I wouldn't call it exciting"

"More eventful I should say"

"That's better"

"Ok, my turn. My name is Jade. I'm 22 which means I can drink you can't. I didn't go to college which explains why I'm working this job. Um, I don't have a favorite instrument. If I had to pick one it would be the drums or guitar. Don't know how to play either of those yet though. Like you, my favorite food is well, food. My favorite music genre ranges from ukulele-rap-screamo to modern rock, to alternative to classic rock. When I lived at home I had a sister, who is off to college right now, and my two parents but they fought a lot. Never divorced but fought. Um.. Reading is cool. I love the way I feel when I read. My favorite TV show is Supernatural hands down. But like I said I have no life so this is just about it. Oh yeah, like I agreed on earlier, my soul is black and shriveled and dead, but then again I've sold it many times"

"That's cool"

"I guess so"

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