A Few Questions

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Hi, this is Liz, sorry to disappoint.

So, I'm working on a project for this book and I need your help. I tried asking tera and she just kept saying I Don't Know. And as I'm writing this I want to slap her! Stop with the sticky notes tera!

Anyways, I would really appropriate it if you could help me with this:

~ How would you describe Jade? (looks, personalty, anything)

~How would you describe Luke? (looks, personalty, anything)

~How would you describe their relationship?

~Whats the first thing you think of when you read these words...

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There is no wrong answer! Please give me your thoughts!

Thank you all for everything, the support is great!

(Also if EnderRush_ happens to reply to your comment, it just me -Liz- on my personal account)

Stay Street my frens!

~Liz and tera

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