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"my entry xD"

"Hello" I said, pulling the door open. "This is tech support-"

There he was, looking down towards his feet until he heard my voice which was when he looked up, his eyes widened as he skimmed my face with his eyes and proceeded to study me. His mouth hanging slightly agape, he seemed to regain himself. Reaching down to his pocket, he lifted out his phone, a boyish grin etched on his face.

"I accidentally boiled my phone with some hotdogs," He said,



Standing on my doorstep, there he was, not entirely what I had pictured him to look like but it was him and he was there and I couldn't contain my excitement for much longer. Before I knew what I was doing I was stepping outside and pulling him into a hug. He was reluctant at first, maybe I had caught him off guard or maybe finally seeing me was taking its toll on him. I'll be honest, I was nervous. My heart was racing and as soon as I heard the knock on the door, butterflies leapt in my stomach. I wasn't necessarily shy, it's simply that talking to someone over the phone and talking to someone in real life are two entirely different things. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, together we stood like that, rocking back and forth for seconds or minutes or hours and when the time came to finally let go, I wasn't quite sure how long he'd been there for. I motioned with my head for him to follow me inside and he did. I led him through the house, giving him the full tour, we finally ended in the kitchen.

"So that's my house," I said, tossing my arms up in the air as if in conclusion.

"It's really a nice house," he commented,

"Thank you, it's my house."

"But, you know I didn't come here to see your house, right?"

I felt myself reddening in the face and suddenly the butterflies that had seemingly settled had started fluttering around again, I was nervous as anything because here he was,

finally here he was.

and it was just the two of us standing in my kitchen, for once without a phone attached to my ear or connected to my fingertips, for once it was really him. it was really my Lucifer.

two subtle steps later he was standing in front of me, I was leaning back on the counter and there was no where for me to step back to, not that I would have had I been given the chance. I saw him glance down towards my lips and his gaze shifted back to my eyes.

"I love you, Jade." He whispered, and I guess that was the only thing I needed to hear. As if my nerves had dissipated I closed the space between the two of us, pressing my lips to his and placing my hand on his cheek, his arm instinctively wrapped around my hip and back, keeping me there.

It was love, there was nothing else it could have been.

After the first followed a second kiss and after that a third, I was smiling into them, we were laughing and giggling and it felt like pure bliss because that's all that love is.

Love is having an ignited adoration for someone despite never having seen their face and love is knowing solely based on ones voice that they're the one you're going to be with forever and love is a passion burning so bright that even over the phone it can be seen.

Love is the ennoblement of someone you hold so dearly to you established by more than just niceties and falsities and this was love if I ever felt it.

after ages of small talk and random stories and promises and nothingness for hours on end, I got to kiss him and after ages of that, the two of us parted.

"How long has it been?" He asked, "How long since we've been waiting for that?"

"Too long, Lucifer." I replied, smiling and looking down at my feet. "I love you too."

- - -

One step, the next step and the next after that. My high heels clicking along the floor as my fathers arm was looped in my own, brought me closer and closer to what I had been waiting a life time for, an escape from tech support.

At first he was my break, he'd call and I'd answer and get ten minutes off work but I now never had to return, because instead of calling me, my husband would be talking to me.

I took a step into the aisle and every head in the room turned to look at me, some tearing up, others bringing shaky hands to cover their mouths, cameras flashed as did smiles, and after hours of walking, my father let me go.

I stepped up in front of him and took both his hands, my dress settling around me. He was tearing up, strange to think that Lucifer himself was tearing up in front of me.

The ceremony sped by around me, I was encased in Luke, in the fact that I had found my true love, that I had met him, talked to him, saw him, kissed him, loved him and I now, was marrying him. Soon it was time to say our vows, slowly I pulled my cellphone out of a compartment in my dress, and flicked it open to the calling app, murmuring was spreading through the crowds like wildfire. I clicked 'dial' and Luke's phone could be heard ringing in front of me.

Smiling, he pulled it out of a pocket in his tuxedo and unlocked it.

"Hello, tech support?" He asked, wiping at his eyes.

"This is tech support," I said, my voice getting caught in my throat as my own tears of nostalgia and happiness and love threatened to spill from my eyes. "I do"

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