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2:12 AM

"Hey Luke?"


"Would it be rude to ask you to tell me about your brother?"

"Um, I don't know"

"Well, could you tell me about your brother?"

"Well, he was born in 1987. He would be 29. His name was Cade. I remember his eyes they were this type of blueish gray. Ones that you would remember long after seeing him. He seemed to be always smiling, I don't remember a time where he wasn't smiling. Even when he was mad at me. His hair was a natural blond, and when I say blond I mean almost white. He dyed red streaks in it when he was around 15 I think. He was skinny, not too muscular, though at the time I thought he was"

"He was one of those big brothers that you would see on tv. He was always nice and caring. He's the one that taught me how to play the guitar. Always made sure I had the world. I guess he was almost like a father to me, but much cooler. He got me started on video games when I was around 5 or 6. Games most parents wouldn't let their kid play till they were older. My mom at the time was almost always at work. She was supporting us, getting college funds for my brother. After he died, she just about quit."

"I... I remember the day he died.."

"Luke, please don't cry. You don't have to go on"

"No.. I need to get, it out. Anyways. I was home that day. He had left to go to his job at a little music shop the next town over. I was playing my guitar like he had said to do while he was gone... I was in the middle of some Jimi Hendrix song he was teaching me... M-My mom. My mom she was watching me when she got a phone call.. She, walked into the other room. I could sense something was wrong. I started playing slower.. She busted out crying. I, I remember drop, dropping the guitar and running to my mom. I hugged her, thought it might make her feel better."

"She wrapped an arm around me. She, she got off the phone, knelled down to my level. She hugged me, put her arms on my shoulders, looked me in the eyes, and told me, 'Lukey, there's something I need to tell you.' 'Yes mama?' I responded. 'There's been an accident. Your brother. Your brother Cade. He's dead.' She sobbed. 'No...' My little 8 year old mind wouldn't accept it. 'Yes sweetie. He's gone to Heaven.' Everything after that was a blur. The funeral was a few days later. I didn't go to school for a while. Put down the guitar for so many years."


"I'm sorry. I, I need to go"

"Luke I'm sorry"

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