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"How is thy bretheren doing today?"

"Um.. Its pronounced brethren"

"I dont care, now answer"

"Uh, am I thy brethren?"

"Yes, you idiot"

"Why brethren though?"

"Just answer me!"

"Fine, they's brethren is doing fine. How is thy doing"

"You're speaking it incorrectly but I'll let it slide"

"Thy is doing fine"

"Are we done now?"


"Love you"

"...Love you too"


Hello thy brethren.

Yeah, early morning chapter. Not much to say here except that brethren is my word.

Fun Fact: Liz doesnt like it when I call her brethren so be sure to go message her that word on her account EnderRush_. When you're done, comment done.

Stay Amazing |-/


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