Chapter 15

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Kellin's POV

I wake up and stretch as I yawn before I finally pry my eyes open. Vic's sleeping soundly beside me and I smile before planting a kiss on his nose. His eyes flutter open and he looks at me confused for a second but then he just smiles and pulls me closer to him.

"I forgot you were here." He mumbles before kissing my lips softly. "But I'm glad you are."

My eyes flicker down to his bottom lip and I notice a cut on it.

"What happened to your lip?" I ask gently gliding my thumb over the cut. Vic winces at the contact.

"Nothing, it was nothing." He says quickly.

"That not nothing." I say getting suspicious as I notice a bruise on the side of his neck. I poke it and he winces again.

"That's not nothing either. Where are you getting all these cuts and bruises from?" I ask and he glances away, shrugging.

"Don't you shrug at me mister. Tell me what's going on." I demand in a soft tone.

"It's nothing Kell, don't worry about it." He mumbles.

I'm not convinced in the slightest but he doesn't want to tell me so I drop the subject. I cup his face and smile gently as I connect my lips to his again. He kisses me back, gently sucking on my lower lip. My hands slide around his neck and I tangle my fingers through his hair. He pulls away, a wide grin spreading across his face.

"Can I wake up and kiss you every morning?" He breathes out sounding dreamy.

"One day, Vic." I murmur and unravel my arms from around his neck.

He then grabs my hands in his before he placing a kiss on my nose.

"Thank you for coming to get me last night." I whisper gratefully.

"It was my pleasure. How did you sleep?" he asks.

"Good. I hadn't slept in so long, it was just easy to fall asleep and not wake up. What about you?" I ask.

"I always seem to sleep good when I'm lying next to you." He smiles at my heart flutters.

"Why was I such an asshole to you when we first met?" I whisper.

"Hey, you were not an asshole. I didn't exactly make the best first impression." He frowns.

We talk no more on the subject and Vic starts running his fingers through my tangled hair.

"Do you want to stay for a few more nights; just till your mom gets her shit together?" He asks.

"Do you want me to stay because if you don't want me here then I'll go? Its fine, I can put up with her. I've been doing for a while now." I ramble but Vic shushes me.

"Of course I want you to stay; Hell, I never want you to leave." He grins and a smile forms on my face.

"Guess it's settled then. What do you want to do all day?" I ask seeing as we don't have school.

"Cuddle." Vic mumbles as he pulls me closer to him.

"Same." I giggle.


"Kell, I'm so sorry, but you have to get up now." Vic says in a panicked voice as he shakes me awake. I hear banging and yelling coming from the door.

"Wh-wha-what?" I mumble in my dazed state.

He picks me up and kisses my head before rushing me to the bathroom.

"Vic, open this fucking door right now!" I hear someone yell from outside of the room.

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