Chapter 12

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*1 Week Later*

The flash of the camera goes off again and I pull away from my boyfriend's addictive lips.

"Mom!" I groan. "Can you not?"

Vic just chuckles and kisses my cheek whilst my mom takes another picture.

"Stop." I whine at the both of them.

Vic is finding this too amusing. I knew my mom would do something like this. She's been begging me all week to bring Vic around and she wonders why I was so hesitant.

"But Kellybear, you two are just too cute." Mom gushes. "Besides, when I'm putting together your wedding video, I want some pictures of when you were young."

I look at her horrified as she looks genuinely serious.

"I was joking Kellin. You need to relax." She laughs and Vic gently squeezes my hand.

"No I won't relax. You two have been picking on me since we got here." I grumble.

"Because you're cute when you get all fired up." Vic whispers before kissing under my ear.

"Would you stop kissing me?" I snap and he grins kissing down my neck.

"Hell no." He grins onto the delicate skin.

I sigh frustrated and he squeezes my hand again.

"Lighten up, Kell." He smiles. "You're so serious all the time."

I frown and sigh resting my head against his chest.

"You're right. I'm sorry." I whisper.

"Don't be." He smiles kissing the top of my head.

Mom 'awes' really loudly before standing up.

"I'm going to check on dinner. Pick a movie. And don't let me walk back in here and find you two making out. I'm watching you Vic, slow down with my son." She warns and I groan feeling embarrassed.

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to help myself Ms. Bostwick." Vic grins biting into my neck and Mom just laughs then walks off to the kitchen.

"What is this bond you've made with my mother?" I ask Vic feeling a little jealous. I've known the woman my whole life and I haven't clicked with her as well as he has.

"I don't know. She seems cool." He smiles.

"Yeah, that's because she's not drinking." I mutter not meaning to voice my thoughts at all.

Vic gives me a concerned look and squeezes my hand softly.

"She's not violent or anything when she's drunk?" Vic asks hesitantly and I shake my head.

"Oh no. Not really." I shrug shaking my head.

"What do you mean by not really? You'd tell me if she was hurting you, right?" He asks suddenly being serious, making me frown. Why is he making this a big deal?

"I mean, there's the occasional slap, but that's about as violent as she gets." I explain and Vic's grip on my hand tightens.

"How are you okay with that?" He asks seeming saddened.

"It's not that big of a deal Vic. She gets drunk then one out of ten times, she might slap me. She doesn't even remember doing it half of the time." I explain but Vic still looks at me seeming distressed.

"She fucking hits you." He snaps, his eyes glassing over.

I look at him concerned, feeling like none of this is directed at me anymore. I bring his hand up to my lips and place a light kiss on it.

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