Chapter 9

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-1 Week Later-


"So what's your favorite thing in life?" I ask Kellin as we walk towards his house.

"Wow that's deep. We were talking about favorite color two seconds ago." He laughs.

We're playing twenty questions to pass the time.

"It's a genuine question." I chuckle. "What do you love most about life?"."

Kellin thinks for a while before he removes his glance from the ground and to me.

"Company. I hate being alone." He blushes before looking back down at the ground.

"What's so interesting about your shoes?" I ask jokingly.

"Is that a genuine question or are you just picking on me?" Kellin giggles.

"I'm just picking on you." I laugh.

He looks back at me and grins, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling as he does so.

"So what's your favorite thing in life?" Kellin asks.

I sigh and slip my hand into his hoping that he doesn't pull it away and he doesn't.

"Hmm, probably your shoes." I joke and Kellin hits my arm playfully.

"Seriously though, my favorite thing in life is a smile." I admit.

"A smile? Like just a smile in general?" Kellin asks confused.

"Yep. A smile can be the most honest or dishonest thing, yet it's almost always done for good rather than bad. People smile to hide their emotions or they smile to show them. Someone else's smile can automatically put you in a better mood or make you feel good about yourself. A smile is the simplest thing but it can make everything all okay." I smile.

We stop just outside of Kellin's house and he turns to me smiling. I swear to god his smile kills me.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then?" Kellin asks sounding hopeful and I nod pulling him into a hug.

We pull away and he goes to walk away but I grab his hand and pull him back to me. He looks at me confused as I pull a pen out of my back pocket. I scribble my phone number onto the back of his hand and watch him as he blushes. God he's so cute.

"Call me if you need anything." I murmur and he nods still blushing.

I smirk at him before turning around and walking back down the sidewalk towards my house. As I walk Kellin runs through my mind. Is it weird that I miss him already? What is it about him that has gotten me so infatuated? He's so fucking beautiful, there's no denying that. Maybe my gay is getting the best of me, but you know what? I don't really mind.

I end up at home twenty minutes later and I walk through the already open giant gold gates. I walk up the long driveway to the front door anxiety once again pulsing through me. And once again I stop outside not quite ready to enter my hell. Before I can even ponder on going inside, the door opens revealing my mother. She gives me a curious look probably confused at why I'm just standing there.

"O-oh hi." I say nervously.

"Your father's waiting for you." She says coldly before pushing past me out the door.

I take a deep breath before entering the house and walking to the living room entrance. I knock lightly on the door frame and my father's head snaps up.

"You w-wanted to see me." I stutter and he stands up from his recliner.

He walks towards me and the second he gets to me he pulls his hand back before swinging it forward and backhanding me across the face.

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