Chapter 10

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Thank you all for waiting so patiently for this update. Sorry it took so long.


Kellin's POV

My alarm clock wakes me up brutally once again. And once again I groan and tear it out of the wall before throwing it across my room. I try to drag myself out of bed but stopping me, is a pair of arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I roll over so I'm facing Vic who's still sleeping. I smile and wiggle my way out of his arms. I decide not to wake him. Sleep is probably a rare thing for him and I don't like seeing him with dark bags under his eyes. I get some clothes and go into my bathroom. I quickly shower not surprised that we once again have no hot water. I make sure to wash the dry blood off of my arms. How could I be so stupid?

I get dressed quickly, do my hair, then brush my teeth before heading back to my room. When I walk into my room, Vic is sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes and yawning. I suppress the urge to aww aloud as he does so. He notices me and smiles.

"Sleep well?" I ask politely.

"Not long, but well." He grins. "Probably the best sleep I've had in a while."

"That's good." I mumble.

There's a short awkward silence before Vic gets up and walks over to me. He places his hands on my hips and I blush furiously.

"You so cute." He chuckles and I blush more. "You have a shower around here?"

I nod and clear my throat.

"Oh yeah, down the hall. Uh, there's no hot water." I mumble feeling embarrassed.

"It's fine. I like cold showers anyway." He smiles and I nod.

He lets go of my hips before walking out of the room. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in. I run my fingers through my hair feeling perplexed. He called me cute. Why did he call me cute? I decide to leave the room and go downstairs to distract myself. I enter the kitchen and notice another plate of bacon and eggs on the counter with another note sitting beside it. I pick up the note and unfold it.


I'll be home later after work and we can do something fun. Vic seems nice ;)

Love Mom'

What? How did she even know he was here? How could he seem nice? Did she talk to him? I'm confused. And what's with the wink? What is she implying? Ugh, she's so complicated.

Suddenly I feel a hand grip my shoulder and I jump in shock.

"Oops, sorry." Vic chuckles now showered. "What you reading?"

"Oh nothing, just a note my mom left me." I mumble shoving it into my pocket.

He nods and smiles at me before he looks past me, his eyes going wide.

"I'm starving." He mutters before gently pushing past me and picking up the plate of bacon and eggs.

He shoves a piece of bacon into his mouth, moaning quietly causing me to chuckle.

"Oh shit, did you want some?" Vic asks horrified.

"No, I'm fine." I laugh and he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Sorry, I didn't eat last night." He explains.

"It's fine. Eat as much as you want." I offer and he looks at me skeptically.

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