Chapter 20

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3 months later

Kellin's POV

"Wake up sleepy head." I hear Vic chuckling in my ear. "Just because you don't have anything to do doesn't mean I don't."

I groan as I pull the pillow over my head.

"Come on Darling, please." Vic whines and I smile at his pleading voice.

"Fine, only because you asked nicely." I murmur sitting up and yawning.

I rub my temple as I feel a headache come on. I let out a little whimper of pain and Vic chuckles so I shoot him a glare.

"This is why you don't stay out late drinking." Vic says matter-of-factly.

"I had to celebrate." I giggle before kissing Vic's cheek.

Yesterday, had been a very big day. My band, Sleeping with Sirens, got signed to a major record label. We had put out our first album a few weeks ago which for some reason blew up like crazy. We had been doing local gigs like crazy and there were fans coming to our shows, some to more than one even though it was the same set. They were singing my lyrics back to me and it was the best feeling in the world. People want my autograph; it was so weird. The band got so big so quickly that I had to drop out of school. Vic wasn't happy about it at first but I explained to him that the band was my dream and that it made me happy. He still wasn't convinced until I brought him out on stage to play guitar for our song 'All My Heart'. The crowd went crazy and he finally realized how much this means to me. Now he comes out to every show and watches from backstage.

I tackle my boyfriend to the bed and smash my lips to his.

"Happy graduation day Baby." I murmur pulling away.

"Thanks." He smiles. "But we have a lot to do so get ready."

I chuckle and climb off of him. I go over to Vic's wardrobe to get clothes but my eyes land on a box. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I pick it up and go back to Vic.

"I got you a present." I grin and he looks at me surprised, taking it from me.

He opens the box and a small smile falls onto his face as he pulls out the necklace that I had made for him. It's a silver heart engraved with the words 'You still have all of my heart'.

"Kells, its beautiful. You didn't have to get me this." He gushes.

"I did. You can wear it when you miss me and you can remember how much I love you." I explain a sad feeling entering my stomach.

"Why would I need to miss you? I'm basically with you every second of the day." He chuckles and I give him a forced smile.

"Yeah, you're right." I say with a fake laugh.

He puts it around his neck and I push the negative thoughts from my head.

"I love it. I love you. Thank you." He murmurs.

"I love you too." I whisper before kissing his cheek and going back over to the wardrobe to get ready for the day.


"You excited?" Vic asks me as he drives.

"Nervous actually." I mumble shifting in my seat.

Right now we're on our way to pick Mom up. She's getting out of rehab today. I'm a little nervous.

"Nervous? Why?" Vic asks confused.

"What if she's mad at me? She's been locked up for three months because of me. And what if she's not any better? What if things just go back to normal?" I sigh.

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