Chapter 1

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You wake up to your alarm clock, also know as your mom, yelling at you to get up. It was your first day of school since you moved to Paris and you didn't know a thing. There are probably going to be those annoying fangirls that fangirl over some guy who needs strength to kill someone...hehe..I love Naruto. (I really do...) 

After a few minutes of my mom yelling, I finally pull myself out of bed. "I'm coming, mom! Let me get dressed!" I yelled to her. It's only me and my mom. I hate my dad, he left when I was four. FOUR!!! Ugh, when I think about him I get so mad. When I got out of my thoughts, I was already was wearing a F/C shirt and black shorts. I was wearing gray Converse (shoutout to them for making awesome shoes) and my hair was down. I needed to brush it. After that, I went to brush my teeth because I never eat in the morning. I then went downstairs to my mom. 

"You got everything you need?" She asked. "Yep." I said grabbing my backpack which I packed yesterday. "Okay, school isn't too far away, you can walk there, be good and try to make friends!" She told me with a smile. "By mom!" I told her and walked out of the house. The school isn't too far. 

On my way to school, something caught my eye. It was a necklace with a fireball on it. (Fireball du du du du du du du...Pitbull...) It was like it was calling out to me. I walked over to it and picked it up. I put it around my neck and a flash of light appeared. A little dragon the size of a pear came up to me. "Hello! I'm Ryuu (dragon in Japanese)!" It started saying. "Eh..." My human instincts kicked in. "Oh god, it's a dragon the size of a pear...I LOVE IT!!" I yelled. "Oi! I'm not your pet, I'm your friend, now what's your name?" Ryuu asked. "Uhh..I'm F/N. And why are you here?" I asked. "I'm your kwami! I go into you miraculous, or your necklace, when you say 'Ryuu, wings out!' You basically have to save Paris with your powers." He explained. "That's so cool. Now, get in my bag, I'm assuming nobody can know my identity. So get in!" "Now, you've caught on." Ryuu said and got into my bag. I check the time on my watch. "Shoot! I'm gonna be late! ON MY FIRST DAY!" I yelled and started running to school. 

When I got to school, I was actually pretty early. I ran the entire way so I had a few minutes. Time to ask where the office is. I saw a group of four people. A boy with blonde hair, a boy with a hat and headphones, a girl with brownish redish hair, and a girl with navy blue pigtails who was blushing like crazy. Might as well ask them. I walked over to them and started speaking. "H-hi. I-I'm new here and I need help finding the office. Can you help me?" I asked them shyly. 'Good job stuttering F/N!' I thought sarcastically. "Yeah! Sure, I'm Alya! This is Marinette!" The girl with the brownish redish hair said and pointed to the blushing girl. "I'm Adrien." The blonde boy said. "I'm Nino!" The boy with the hat and headphones said. He was scrolling through his phone. "Let's go to the office!" Alya called. I nodded and followed the group. 

When we got to the office, I went to a lady and got my schedule. I returned to the group and compared classes. "Welp, we have all of the same classes so you can just follow me around all day." Adrien said. "That's cool." I said with a smile. "We all have a few of the same classes and the bell is about to ring." Alya said. We all said our goodbyes and I followed Adrien to our first class, math. I hated math. Too bad for me, eh? 

"Okay, we have a new student." The teacher said. "Would you like to introduce yourself?" He asked me. "S-sure." I said and hesitantly got out of my seat in the back of the classroom. "Tell us about yourself." The teacher said. "O-okay. I'm F/N L/N. I came here from Lyon, France. I like anime, drawing and video games (Sorry if you hate those things...)." I said, I looked over to Adrien to see he was staring at me. He looked shocked. "Uhh...Adrien..?" I asked. "Wha? Oh um...Its just, we can talk about some anime stuff now!" He said with an awkward smile. (I read the anime thing on a wiki) "Hehe." I laughed a bit and went back to my seat. The day went by pretty fast, until the last period, reading.

"Look who it is, a new girl." A girl said as I follow Adrien into a classroom. "She's Chloe, just ignore her and she'll go away." Adrien gave me some advice that I just nodded to. "Oh, F/N, you can sit next to Adrien." The teacher said and I nodded as a response. "Look loser, don't try anything on Adrien, he's mine!" Chloe said emphasizing the mine part. "Look, Chloe is it? Adrien is not a thing, he's a human, and you do not own him, his parents do. So if you have a problem with me sitting with him and talking about random stuff with him, then that's your problem and there's nothing you can do." I told her and went back tot he conversation I was having with Adrien. "You don't even know who I am!" Chloe yelled. "I know your name! Isn't that good enough?"I told her, slightly annoyed. "I am the mayor's daughter! You shouldn't be talking like that to me." She said and pulled me up by the collar. I just sighed. "Look, I don't care if anyone is famous or rich. I talk to them how I want. And since you're being a jerk, I'm gonna talk to you like this." I said almost yelled. Everyone was staring. The teacher was busy doing something. Adrien was looking at me with a shocked face again. "Oh, and do you want to fight me? Then make the first blow." I told her calmly. "Gladly!" She yelled. "Girls! What is going on?!" The teacher yelled seeing that Chloe was holding onto my collar and about to punch me. "Chloe! Principal's office! Now!" She yelled. "But you don't understand!" Chloe said trying to act innocent. "Now!" The teacher yelled, with that Chloe left. "F/N, are you okay?" The teacher asked. "Yeah, thank you." I told her. 

After that, school ended pretty fast. That's when trouble stroke. 


How's that as my first chapter? I left you guys with a cliffhanger!! I'm a jerk. Welp. I need to stuff and get to bed. Even though tomorrow I don't have school, my parents will be yelling at me due to the fact that I'm up. Was this chapter good? Was it bad? Have any suggestions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 

~lillimusiclover (Lilli)

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