Chapter 13

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Question: Is this story even good? I mean, I do plan on finishing it but, is it good? Are you guys enjoying it? Just wondering..

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When I woke up this morning, Ryuu was screaming in my face. AGAIN. "Dude, can you be even more annoying?" I asked, picking him up and moving him away while sitting up. My blankets slid down a bit so they were only on the bottom half of my body. "I agree with her, you're very much annoying." Gray stated bluntly, like how he always says stuff. I giggled a bit and changed out of my pajamas and into a F/C sweatshirt that was a little big, black jeans, and my usual grey converse. (OMFG IT'S BAD STORMS! OUTSIDE! IT'S SCARY!) (sorry...) I quickly brushed my teeth and hair, grabbed my backpack which Gray and Ryuu were already in, with snacks, grabbed my lunch and left for school. 

"Hey Adrien!" I called out to the blond. "Hey F/N!" He called back. We were both walking into the school when I called out to him. "Are you better now?" He asked moving his and up to my face, checking my temperature. I immediately blushed at the contact. My stomach was having butterflies and I don't know what this feeling was (A/N: It's called love, darling.). "Ah, y-yeah. If I didn't f-feel better, I wouldn't b-be here... heh..." I looked away from the boy in front of me, my cheeks were heating up, a lot. "I guess, well, c'mon, class is about to start." Adren said, pulling me with him. He was holding my hand.

By the time we were in math, I calmed myself down a bit, my cheeks were less pink but I still had butterflies. You know what stinks? I felt like that all day! 

When lunch rolled around, I was trying to avoid Adrien. 'Yes, he's amazing, helpful, nice, handso-What the heck...don't think like that me!' I thought then sighed. "Hey, F/N!" Marinette called to me. "Hey!" I called back and walked over to her. I sat down next to her. At the table it was Mari, me, Alya, Nino, and Adrien. During the entire lunch period, I barely said a word, I just ate and looked down. 'What's happening to me?' I thought as the bell for next period rang. I quickly got up and started to leave the lunchroom, but got stopped when someone grabbed my hand. 'That touch...' I thought as I got pulled to face the person. "A-Adrien..." I trailed off, my eyes wide. "What's up with you? You almost ran into a wall." I turned to see that he was right. "I- I don't know myself..."I trailed off. Adrien put his hand on my cheek. "Are you sure you're still not sick?" He asked me. "Positive." I said with a (fake) smile. We headed off towards our next class.

"F/N, nice to see you well." The teacher said and I nodded. "Nice to be back." I said with a small smile. I heard a 'Tch' from the other side of the room and I instantly knew who it was. 'Levi much?' I though with a small smile on my lips. 

"Hey, F/N!" Nino caught me after class. "Hmm, yeah?" I asked him. "Do you want to help out with a film I'm creating tomorrow?" He asked me. "What time and where?" I asked him another question. "Ten o'clock in the morning, here." He answered. "Oh, I'm pretty sure I can make it." I said with a small smile. "Okay, see you then!" He said and left. "He asked you about the movie?" Adrien sneaked up on me. "What the heck? Don't sneak up on people!" I said and playfully punched his arm. I got my stuff from my locker and left the school with Adrien. My cheeks were tinted pink and I had butterflies in my stomach. AGAIN. "He wanted me to be the main male character." Adrien explained to me. "That's cool. He just wanted me to help out." I explained. "F/N!" Marinette called to me. Adrien and I turned to face her. "Sup?" I asked her. "I was wondering if you wanted to sleep over at my place tonight with Alya. We're both helping with Nino's film so we can all talk and walk to school together." She explained to me. "I'll have to ask my mom. When do you want me over?" I asked. "Five or six." She stated and I nodded. "I'll asked, okay?" "Okay. See ya!" Marinette left.

Adrien left me half way to my house. When I finally made it there, I called out to my mom, "MOM!" "Yeah?" She called back. "CAN I GO OVER TO MY FRIEND'S HOUSE FOR A SLEEP OVER?" I called to my mom. "Which friend?" She called back. "DON'T YELL." She  quickly added. "Marinette." I said when I reached my mom. "Okay, what time do you have to get there?" She asked. "Five or six. OH! My other friend wanted me to help him for a film he's creating tomorrow at school, can I do that too?" I asked her quickly. "I don't see why not." My mom said. I smiled and hugged her. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" I yelled out. "What did I say about yelling?" She asked and I laughed a bit. 

I started getting ready for my sleepover. I packed pajamas, socks, tomorrows clothes, food for Gray and Ryuu, my sketchbook, food for Alya, Mari and me, pencils, my toothbrush and other necessary items. By the time I was done packing, it was 5:30. 'Shoot I forgot to text Marinette... 

Me: Hey, Marinette, my mom said yes, I can come over to your house.

Marinette: Hey, okay, cool! If you want you can come over now.

Me: Okay, thanks! :)

I started heading to Marinette's house with my duffle bag and a purse. My purse was for my phone, pencils, Ryuu, Gray and their food. 

When I got to Marinette's house, I knocked on the door. "Hey! Come in." She said allowing me into her home. "Thanks for having me." I said with a small smile. "You must be F/N..." A voice said. I turned my head to face the voice. "You must be Marinette's mom...?" I asked a bit. "Hehe, yes, nice to meet you." She held her hand out. I walked over to her and shook her hand while saying, "Nice to meet you too." With a small smile. "Alya is in my room, follow me." Marinette said. 

When we reached her room, Alya was there! "I want your room." I stated bluntly. The other two girls started laughing. "Hey, wanna watch a movie?" Alya asked which Marinette and I nodded to. 

We started watching the movie while chatting and eating. We soon fell into a deep sleep.



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