Chapter 2

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~Yeah, I can't really name chapters...hehe...hope you enjoy this one!~

That's when trouble stroke. My miraculous started ringing. "Ryuu, wings out!" I yelled.

After some magic disappeared, I looked at myself in the mirror in my room. I had a black mask, a black body tight suit with scale designs in the middle, wings in the back, and a spiky tail with an orange/red color at the end. I had nunchucks on my left/right (if you're a lefty or a righty) thigh (pic above). Let's do this!

I jumped from roof to roof no problem. That's where I saw two people running in the same direction I was running. This might just be fun. I continued jumping from roof to roof while the other two where fighting Stormy Weather was it? I then jumped down behind her and did a round house kick, making her trip. "Who are you?" The two asked. "We can get to that later. Let's just finish this!" I said back to them. They just nodded as a reply. "Gah!" I fell, Stormy Weather tripped me. She had her umbrella pointed at me. Perfect opportunity to use my nunchucks. "Take this!" I yelled and swung my nunchucks at her umbrella and made it fly to the side. "My umbrella!" She yelled. "You two! Get it!" I yelled while getting up. The two were two late. Stormy Weather flew to a news station. "Let's get her umbrella, that's where the akuma is!" The one in the ladybug suit said. Off the three of us went. 

"Dragon girl, break the vent!" The ladybug person called. I nodded in a response. She had a towel so I think I knew what she was doing. She told the cat man to break the billboard and he did as told. I also did as told and broke the vent saying "Dragon Roar!" With that I blew fire at the vent. The ladybug girl floated upwards and knocked the umbrella out of Stormy Weather's hand. I caught the umbrella and broke it making an evil butterfly come out of it. "No more evil doing for you, little akuma. Time do de-evilize!" The ladybug person yelled. "Gothcha!" She yelled as she swung her yo-you around and caught the akuma, soon after, she released it saying, "Bye-bye, little butterfly." The girl finally said. "W-what happened?" The girl once known as 'Stormy Weather' asked. "Stuff." I answered her.

"Now, onto you." The cat guy said. "Who are you? Like, your hero name?" He asked. "I'm Dragon Fire." I said. (I know, horrible name) "So, you can fly?" The ladybug girl asked. "Yep, and who are you, like, your hero names?" I quoted her. "I'm Ladybug, that's Cat Noir." The ladybug girl said. "Hm, nice to meet you." I said and heard a beep. "Okay, I'm gonna have to go, my miraculous is low." I told them and waved goodbye.

I soon went to a nearby alley and transformed back to normal. "Time to go home and do homework...yay." I said sarcastically and with a frown. "Hello, my lady." A certain cat said to me. "Hello Cat Noir." I told him. "So, you don't want to do homework?" He asked. I just nodded. "Wanna look at the view?" "Hm, sure, why not." I agreed and went with him to a nearby roof, of course I was holding onto him when he used his stick to get there. 'I would rather fly here.' I thought to myself. "Woah, the view is so...pretty." I said. "Just like you." Cat Noir said. "Gah, what?" I felt my cheeks heating up. Nobody has ever said that to me. "T-thank you, Cat Noir." I said and looked at my lap. "Hehe, never heard a compliment?" He asked. "N-no, well, only from my mom and really close friends." I said. Cat Noir grabbed my hand and kissed it. With that I turned into a tomato. "I should get home." I finally said. "Let me take you there." Cat Noir said. I nodded with a smile. 

(Time skip to home cause I'm really lazy.)

Once we got to my house, we said our goodbyes and I said hello to my mother. "Hi mom!" I yelled. "Hi F/N. What took so long getting home?" She asked. I looked down at my bag which Ryuu was in. "I um, I got lost." I said. "Oh, next time, just phone me and I'll come pick you up." She said which I nodded as a response and went up to my room.

 "Well, this was a day of adventure." I told my kwami, Ryuu. "And there is more yet to come." He finished.

~Time skip to balcony~ (bet you didn't see that coming!)

I was doing my homework when something weird happened...screams. "Wha...?" I asked and looked down my balcony. There I saw someone taking all the kids. "What is going on?" Then I thought about it, kids are annoying, I mean, they cry all they time, they're annoying, and more! I ran back into my room. "Ryuu! Wings out!" I yelled softly and went out back onto my balcony. "Ahhh, if it isn't Dragon Fire." "Yes, it's I, Dragon Fire. May I ask for your name?" I asked trying not to get them mad. "I am Kid Swiper!" (I was thinking of kidnapping then Dora...idek xD) "Oh, are you from Dora?" I asked with a smirk, trying really hard to hold in my laughter. "Oh, now you've gotten me mad." 'Kid Swiper' said. "I can see that..." I said soaring to him and hitting him with my nunchucks. "Grrr..." He growled as he stood up. "Give me your miraculous." He demanded. "Hehe, like I would ever do that." I stated. 

(A few minutes later)

"I'm so sorry I' defeated him already...?" Ladybug asked. "Apparently she did, that's awesome..." Cat Noir joined in. "Yeah, wasn't that hard." I said while throwing the akumatized object to Ladybug and she did her little thing. "Dragon Fire!" I yelled as I threw my nunchucks in the air. Ladybug just gave me a glare while Cat Noir started laughing like crazy. "I know, I'm amazing." I said while laughing. "Okay guys, my miraculous is low, bye." I called to them and flew to my balcony and entered my room. 

"That's really weird. Two akumas in one day? Hawkmoth is really stepping up his game."Ryuu asked. "You realize that we're both gonna be tired now, right?" I asked while continuing my last bit of homework. Soon after, I finished my homework and said goodnight to my mom and Ryuu. This was an interesting day...


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