Chapter 5

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It was now reading and we had to pull out our pictures that we had to draw. "Woah, F/N, that's really cool!" Alya exclaimed and took a picture of it. "Thanks." I said in reply. "Hey F/N, how long have you been drawing?" Adrien asked. "Uhh...maybe...yeah, the end of last school year up until now." I replied to his question. "No way." "Yes way." I said back. "Wow, that looks hideous, loser." Chloe made a remark. "Well, at least I tried." I said back. "At least I have friends." She said, trying to make me feel bad. "Well, at least I actually do my work and don't make them do it. At least I don't do blackmail. At least I don't have people hating me." I almost yelled but stayed calm. "Woah, someone's a little feisty." The blonde girl said while grabbing my pencil. "Go fetch, little puppy." She said while throwing it across the room. "And this is why nobody likes you." I stated flatly while going to pick up my pencil. "Everyone take your seats." The teacher said while walking into the classroom.

~time skip to teacher talking about the pictures because I can~

"Okay, we are going to be presenting the pictures you drew last night." The teacher explained. "Okay, who wants to go first?" She asked. "F/N, you should go." Adrien whispered to me and I shook my head no. "F/N would like to go." Adrien yelled out and I growled. "Okay, go on," the teacher said. "I hate you." I told Adrien jokingly. He just giggled while rubbing the nape of his neck. "Okay," I began while holding the picture up. "I drew people building the Eiffel Tower because the story was about, how it was made, and why." I looked at everyone. "That's really good," the teacher told me. "Do you take art," she asked. " I don't." I replied and everyone looked really surprised. 'Not the surprised look...' I wined in my thoughts. " Well, you are very good at drawing." She said and I went to sit down.

~time skip to home 'cuz I'm lazy~

I sighed and laid my head on my desk. "I'm bored." I stated flatly. I didn't have any homework and didn't know what to do. That's when my miraculous beeped. "Yes, boredom cured! Ryuu! Wings out!" I called and turned into Dragon Fire. I flew off of my balcony and where the chaos what happening. (Okay guys, I changed the uniform a bit, so on one of the arm you barely use, you have a screen that you can chat to Cat Noir and Ladybug with, and it's a GPS and tracker.) I used my tracker and found out the acumatized victim was in a street terrorizing the people. "I will ruin all friendships." The girl called out. "No you won't!" I called back. "Dragon Fire?! Give my your miraculous or face the wrath of the Yujo Breaker (Yujo means friendship)!" The girl called out. "Wait...Is that Japanese?" I asked and she nodded. "Anime fan?" She nodded again. "If my team and I beat you, I want you to meet F/N and be her friend." I called to her. "I will ruin all friendships!" She called and threw kunai knives? at me. 'Naruto fan!' "Dude, you're awesome, but I have to do this." I stated while getting my nunchucks out and running at her. "Hya!" I yelled and hit her with the nunchucks in the leg causing her to fall. "Am I late?" A certain cat asked. "Meh," I replied and took her 'Wings of Freedom' pendent and was about to shatter it when she grabbed it. "Why is this so hard?" I asked. "Because I'm a titan shifter." "Wait, WHAT?!" I yelled as she bit her hand. I flew and grabbed Cat Noir dragging him out of the area. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no..." I trailed off. "Do you know how to defeat it?" Ladybug asked. "About time you came. Do you think you can do your Lucky Charm so I might get 3DMG?" I asked her. "Why, is..." "This is from an anime...Attack on Titan." I stated. "Guys! She's currently a titan and can eat people and ugh!" I yelled. "Good, cool down." Cat Noir said with a small giggle. Of course, I gave him my glare of death. "Lucky Charm!" Ladybug yelled and 3DMG appeared. "Yes!"

~time skip to after you put it on...hehe...~

"Okay, let's do this!" I yelled and flew to the titan version of Yujo Breaker. I started using the 3DMG and hooked onto nearby buildings. I cut the tendons and arms like the pro I am. Then went for the neck. "I can do this!" I yelled and cut the neck. The girl came out of it. I pulled her out and brought her to a nearby building. I took the pendant and threw it to Ladybug. "Here you go!" I yelled to her when I threw it. She broke it and the akuma flew out of it. "Time to de-evilize! Gotcha!" Ladybug yelled when she got the akuma. "Bye bye, little butterfly." She said. "Miraculous Ladybug!" she said and threw up the heavy 3DMG. "God, she's strong." I whispered to Cat Noir. He just nodded. The girl was back to normal. "Okay, now you have to meet F/N." I said to her, knowing she was in one of my classes. "O-okay." She said. "Welp, I'm out." I said to Cat Noir and Ladybug. "Bye!" They called back.

~back home~

"That was exhausting." Ryuu stated and went to my drawer which I have my secret stash of food in. Don't judge. (I wish I had one of those) "I agree so much." I said while turning back to normal. "You know...nom -is nom a nom -lly tough nom -ob." He said while eating a cookie. "Don't eat with a full mouth." I scolded him. "Sorry, I said that this was a really tough job." He told me. "Well, at least I might make a new friend." I said with a smile. I changed into my F/C pajamas and crawled into bed. "Goodnight Ryuu." I said to my kwami. "Goodnight F/N." He replied. After that, I fell asleep.

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Me: Come here laptop!

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