Chapter 14

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Note: this is a long chapter. Very. Super. Long


"I no longer fear it, I'm going to face it, then I'll- Ahh!" Mylene screamed, making me choke on the ice cream I was eating. "Cut!" Nino yelled out. I was coughing like crazy. "Sorry Mylene..." Ivan said to the frightened girl. "Mylene, that's like, the tenth take and we're only on the first scene!" Nino scolded her. "Fourteenth actually, but who's counting?" Alix joked with him. "I'm...sorry..." Mylene apologized. "I'm gonna do better on the next take, I promise!" She said, hiding behind the desk.

We were at school helping Nino with his film. "You're playing a hero from the special forces! You're not supposed to get all freaked out- OW!" He yelled and I sighed, "Don't be so harsh on her!" I scolded the boy while hitting him in the back of the head with his own hat. Some small laughs were heard and I went back to lean on a desk and started to eat my ice cream again. "It's just that, that mask is so realistic and scary!" Mylene stated, fear in her voice. "It's just old me, Mylene," Ivan started, "There's nothing to be afraid of." "If you asked me, he doesn't even need a mask." Chloe said and she and Sabrina started laughing. "Shut it, Chloe, if anyone's the monster, it's you." I stated bluntly. A few 'Ooh's were heard and I smirked to myself, she just scoffed. I overheard Marinette say "What a bratty snob," to Alya a little bit before I said what I said. She wasn't lying.

"Okay, put the mask back on, you're playing the monster," Nino started, "And Mylene, we need you to stay in character." He finished just as I finished my ice cream. I threw the plastic bowl and spoon in the garbage can. Ivan put the mask back on and when Mylene saw it, she panicked. "I need to sing my happy song, my happy song always makes me feel better!" She stated and started singing her song. She backed up unto Adrien and screamed. "And the Oscar for best pathetic scaredy cat, afraid of it's own shadow goes to, Mylene!" Chloe called out and started laughing. "Chloe, seriously?" Adrien asked annoyed and tried to comfort Mylene. "Yeah, so what?" She asked as Mylene ran out of the room. "Mylene!" Marinette and I called out. "Anyone gonna go after her?" She asked. "Mylene, wait!" Ivan shouted and ran out of the room.

"Chloe! Seriously? Why do you have to act like that?" I told the blonde with a little bit of anger in my voice. "Oh, no , what is someone like you going to do to someone like me?" She asked with sarcasm laced through her words. "Nothing, you're not worth it." I stated bluntly and started leaning against the desk again. "That's what I thought." She said to me. My eye twitched. "Can I punch her now?" I asked out loud. I got a few glares but other than that, "Nobody said no!" I said walking up to Chloe. "F/N, please don't." I heard someone say and I started laughing a bit, "You really think I was gonna do it? I mean, I want to, but, I'm nice." I stated.

"Seriously, though, epic Chloe, just epic. What are we going to do without our leading actress?" Nino asked her. "Who needs her anyways? She was totally lame." Chloe said, sitting on the desk. "You're lame! Because of you Mylene is crying in the bathroom!" Ivan yelled into the classroom. "Me lame?!" Chloe started. "Hey, hey, everybody, chill out! You're right, Chloe is lame." She whispered the last part to Ivan. "But fighting isn't going to bring Mylene back. I'm the producer and I'm going to do everything in my power to finish filming, tonight!" She stated with determination in her voice. 'Nice job, Mari.' I thought to myself.

"The deadline for the contest is tomorrow evening precisely 26 hours, 15 minutes and 14- 13 seconds from now." Max said with a smile. "Thank you, Max" Mari said. Marinette started listing off things we needed to do. "Then who's going to take Mylene's part?" Adrien asked. "Umm," Chloe started, "Me of course!" "You haven't even read the script!" Alya complained. "Of course I have, the first scene anyway. I can even tell you that it ends with a kiss between Agent Smith and Officer Jones." Chloe said and right when she finished saying that, my heart broke. I looked at the floor not saying a word. Marinette seem to have notice me being upset and walked over to me. "Someone likes Adrien..." She started. "Wh-what? N-no!" I denied her, but my heated up cheeks did not help with my answer.

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