Chapter 18

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It's been a few weeks since the incident of my mom seeing me transform. I've been very careful now.

I marked off the eighth of December on my calendar. "Ahh! We're getting closer to Christmas!" I quietly fangirled to my kawami. "You seem excited." Gray stated bluntly, which I nodded to in response. "I also got you these!" I brought out two small Santa hats from behind my back. Ryuu gasped, "Thank you thank you thank you!" He said happily while quickly flying over to take the small hat from my hand and put it on his head. Gray on the other hand quietly flew over to it, hesitantly taking it. "You don't have to wear it if you don't want to." I told them. I heard my mom call, alerting me that it was time for me to go to school. I held my bag open so that my two kawami could get in. I grabbed my backpack from the side of my bed and ran out of my room. "F/N! You're going to be- oh, there you are. Have a good day at school." My mom smiled and kissed my forehead before I left.

"Hey guys!" I called to my peer group (A/N: 7th grade health class, yo) who simply waved back. I walked over to Adrien and laid my head on his shoulder. "I is tired." I stated in a bored way. "I is tired too." He chuckled softly, causing me to smile. I noticed that the other two girls were gushing while Nino was pretending to throw up. I hit him with his own hat. I quickly examined their clothing, noticing that I was the only one wearing a sweatshirt rather than an actual coat. It's not that I don't have one, I just don't like how their either bulky or annoying...or both.

"Do you have a coat?" They all asked, which I nodded to. "Why aren't you wearing it?" Marinette asked. "Don't feel like it, besides, it isn't that bad out." I answered her question. Alya gave me a 'Really?' look then sighed, "We should probably get to class." She suggested and we nodded. Adrien grabbed my hand, causing me to blush slightly and the five of us walked into the school. Soon enough, we all went our separate ways to get to our lockers then to class.


" want to hold a Christmas party?" I asked my mom, shocked because she usually never wants to do something like this. "Well, it's more for you and your friends." She explained causing me to nod. "Okay!" I smiled at her. "The thing is, I might not be there at the time of the party. You're aunt wanted me to help her buy gifts." My mom explained once more, which I nodded to again.

~Another time skip!~

"You're holding a party?" Anya asked, we were in the lunchroom since it was time to eat. "Yeah," I  replied to her question. "Wow, I'm totally coming to that!" Marinette exclaimed happily, causing me to smile. "It was my mom's idea, it was sorta out of the blue though...who should I invite? There's you guys..." I trailed off, not knowing who to invite. "You could invite Nathaniel...?" Mari suggested in a questioning form. I wiggled my eyebrows causing her to blush. (A/N: Okay, so, since you get Adrien, Mari gets Nathaniel. It works out.) Nino and Adrien walked over to us with their food. "What's up with you?" Nino asked Marinette who had a little bit of a blush on her face. "She has a crush!" I exclaimed, gushing slightly, Anya doing the same. "Really? Who is it?" Adrien asked, amused. "N-" I was cut off when Marinette covered my mouth with her hand. "Shhh!" She was a red mess which caused us to laugh a bit.

 "Okay, who else should I invite?" I pondered putting my hand on my chin to look like I was thinking, it actually helped a bit (A/N: Don't judge me.) "What?" The boys asked, confused as to what I was talking about. "Oh, you weren't here for that, sorry!" I started,"I'm holding a party on the 23rd if you want to come, it's gonna be a celebration of Christmas or whatever. A Christmas party..but you don't need to bring gifts," I explained. "Okay, I'll most likely to come over, what time?" Adrien asked. "Uhh... two or three to eight or nine..?" I didn't know what time the party would take place myself. "I'll send you the actual time when I get home," I informed. "Okay, thanks," Adrien said with a small smile. "I'll most likely be able to go too!" Nino also said. 

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