Chapter 19

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A lot has been going on after Christmas, there was New Year's which I spent with family and when I went back to school, people were looking at me weird. Not to mention that there have been more and more villains than normal. They were also more difficult to defeat.

I came home one day and turned back to normal. Soon falling on my bed. "Owww..." I twisted my ankle while trying to defeat the previous villain. "You okay there?" Ryuu flew over to me, obviously concerned. "No.." I complained about the pain on said ankle. "Go to sleep and we'll see how you are in the morning." Gray stated bluntly, snacking on a cookie. "Okay.." I obligated and changed into my pajamas, the two kwami looking away.

Once finished, I turned off my light and climbed under my sheets. "Good night, guys." I said and closed my eyes. Allowing darkness to consume my vision.


I woke up to my miraculous beeping. I looked over to the clock, seeing that it was around ten o'clock at night. "Why..?!" I complained and stood up from my bed, almost falling. "Who wants to go today?" I asked the two kwami.

"I'll do it," Gray complied and flew over to where I was standing.

"Okay then, Gray, wings out!" He entered my miraculous and I put on my bag, allowing Ryun to enter it. I limped over to my balcony door and opened it, soon flying out of my room into the dark night.

After a few minutes of searching for the place of the attack, I finally find it. Unfortunately, I see another dragon? Overall, I was very confused.

"I am Dark Dragon!" She called out in a powerful voice and flew around and over the frightened city. "I will not stop until I receive Ladybug, Cat Noir and Dragon Fire's miraculous'!" She yelled out. Ryuu peaked his head out of the bag that was wrapped around my shoulder and torso while snickering. I flew down to her. 

"Oh, so you want my miraculous, huh?" I called to her, some people in the street cheering, finally being rescued. Dark Dragon flew to my level, aiming a black sword with wings near the handle at me. 

"Not just yours, but the other two's too." She explained to me, a glare visible through a dark mask. Her costume was the exact same as mine except what was blue was also black.

"You'll never get them." I glared back, keeping my guard up, in case she attacked. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two figures jumping from roof to roof, getting nearer to the scene going on between me and Dark Dragon. I quickly knew it was Cat Noir and Ladybug. 

"Give your miraculous to me!" Dark Dragon yelled again,"Or the entire city of Paris will become my knights! Including you." She continued to aim her sword at me. 

"That's not gonna happen as long as we're here!" Ladybug called to Dark Dragon while sitting on a lamp post. 

"Woah," Cat Noir joined,"Who's this? Your evil twin?" He finished his statement which I was silently laughing to. 

"We are not twins!" Dark Dragon yelled and swung her sword around while chanting something under her breath. I looked down and saw some of the people below were now in knight black knight armor. 

I flew at her, swinging my nunchucks and hit her sword, trying to make it fall out of her grasp. Note the word "trying." It didn't work out well, Dark Dragon had a firm grip on the handle of the sword. She pushed me back and I landed feet first on the side of a house. I kicked against the house, wincing due to the pain of the twisted ankle. Ladybug threw her yo-yo at the girl's foot and pulled her down to her. DD (A/N: Short for Dark Dragon, I is lazy.) cut the string of the yo-yo with her sword and flew free. She continued to chant under her breath while swinging her sword around, turning more people into knights. 

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