Chapter 6

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"F/N! Wake up! You're gonna be late!" Ryuu, your kwami yelled. "What time is it?" I asked looking at my phone for the time. "SHOOT!" I quickly got dressed and did my normal morning routine and was out the door within five minutes. "Shooooot! Class starts in ten minutes and it takes forever to get to shoooool." I said coming to a stop. I checked my phone again. "Screw you Ryuu." I scolded him. "Your face though!" Ryuu said. "It's flippin Saturday and you made me get up this early!" I yelled into my bag. People started staring at me. "Uhh...talking bag, shipment from Japan...hehe..." I trailed off and left. 

I walked to the park and sat on a bench. I took out my sketch pad and started to draw Levi senpai from Attack on Titan (Don't judge me). "Hey F/N!" A voice called out. I looked around to see Adrien coming up to me. "Hey Adrien. Didn't expect to see you here...hehe..." I trailed off once more. "Same, but, it's nice seeing you." He said, making you blush. "Hehe...It's nice to see you too." You said looking at your picture. "Is that-" I cut Adrien off. "Levi Ackerman, Lance Corporal of the Survey Corps, yes, yes it is." I said with a smile at the end. He sat down next to me. "That looks really good." He said. "It's not done yet." I replied. "Well, it still looks really awesome." Adrien stated. "Okay, whatever you think." I said back to him. "Adrien! Why are you over here? You should be getting ready for the photo shoot." A man said. "I was talking to my friend, F/N." He said. (I almost put my name in the F/N spot lol.) "Well, I have to go, see ya." Adrien told me. "Okay, bye." I said back to him as he left. Once he was gone, I started working on Levi senpai once more. 

~Time Skip to Home 'cuz I'm at School...That Didn't Make Sense...~

"F/N, where have you been? I've been worried sick!" My mother yelled when I came home from the park. "I thought I had school today, and I don't and then I went to the park and started doodling because I was near that area. I didn't mean to worry you..." I trailed off. "Oh, just as long as you're okay." She said calmly and hugging me. "Oh, I don't think I showed you!" I said while looking into my bag. "Look!" I showed her the picture of the Eiffel Tower being built. "Oh my god, you did this all by yourself? This is amazing!" Mom said and pulled me into another hug. I was smiling at how she was acting. "Okay, so, you know those superheros, Ladybug and Cat Noir?" She asked and I nodded. "I know this is late but, don't get in the way of them saving the city. It's okay if you meet them, but if there is trouble, try and not be a burden to them, okay?" She asked me. "Okay." I said to her with a smile. 'Well, she told me to not get caught up with them...but not Dragon fire...' I thought and went up to my room. 

~Tiiiiiimmmmeee Skiiiiipp~

"Welp...I'm bored..." I said to Ryuu in my room. "Welp, I'm hungry. We can't always get what we-" Ryuu tried saying before I cut him off with the (magical) drawer of food. "I guess we can get what we want...hehe..." He said before shoving some food into his mouth. "Ahh, I know! I'll watch some Black Butler!" I exclaimed while getting my laptop out and starting to go to Netflix. 

After a few minutes of watching Black Butler, I heard a loud crash and a scream. "Ryuu, wings-" I got cut off by my mom coming in. "Sweetie, it's okay, the heroes will take care of the bag guy." My mom said while coming to hug me. "Mom, I wasn't scared." I said to her. I wasn't lying. "Are you sure? Are you- Oh my gosh, run! I'll hold them off." She said. I turned towards my balcony door to see a girl with straight black hair and a purple costume dress with tights on (I just made that up). "No mom, you run, I've got this." I said pushing her out of my room. "Well, well, well, isn't it the girl who saved her mother?" "Who are you?" I asked without being scared. "Oh, I'm Mistress Acts. Nobody let me preform on stage, so nobody will ever again! Muahahahahahaha!" She said. "Oh okay...but I don't preform..." I said. "Oh but you will soon..." She said. "What do you mean?" I asked her with a hint of fear in my voice. 'Does she know I'm Dragon Fire?' I asked myself in my head. "I mean-" Mistress Acts couldn't finish her sentence because I took off running to the bathroom. "Ryuu, wings out!" I said and Ryuu went into my miraculous. 

I flew out of the bathroom and into my room. "Where are you?" Mistress Acts asked. "I took her to safety." I said while swinging around my nunchucks. "Hmmm...that's funny, because she's the one I want to hold prisoner..." She said while using make-up to blind me ('cuz they wear make-up...). "Ahhh!" I yelled because the make-up stung my eyes. Once I was better and the make-up was gone, she was gone, probably trying to find the regular me. "Welp, gotta run!" I said while going onto the balcony. "Don't you mean fly?" A voice asked me. I turned to see who it was. "Hello kitty cat." I said to Cat Noir. "Hello madam." He said while kissing my hand. "Now's not the time Cat, Mistress Acts is looking for someone so we need her before she gets that someone." I said to him. "Let me guess, it's you in reality form." He guessed. "What? Pshhhhhh! Like that would happen..." I said trailed. "You're horrible at lying." He stated bluntly. "Yeah I know, now let's go!" I said and we went after Mistress Acts. 

"Sorry I'm late!" Ladybug joined us above the rooftops. "Okay, Mistress Acts is looking for Dragon Fire's reality form." Cat Noir stated. "Okay, so, we have to make sure you don't de-transform." Ladybug said. "I don't know who would be after me though..." I trailed off. "Do you do drama or something at your school?" Ladybug asked me. I replied back, "No, I always had low confidence in myself." I said quickly regretting letting my other part of me out. "What do you mean?" Cat Noir asked. "Your amazing!" Ladybug said. "Ehh...I never thought that." I said.

 "Ahh, look who's finally here." Mistress Acts said when we were passing the park. "What the- ahhh!" I yelled, getting caught under a cage. 'How did she do that?' I thought to myself. "You three won't be getting in the way of finding who I want to find now." Mistress Acts said while leaving. The cage shrunk. "!" I said yelled. "Fire Roar!" I yelled while spinning in a circle. Fire spun around me, melting the metal on the cage. "Cat Noir, use Cataclysm!" I yelled to him. "Ladybug try to use your yoyo!" I yelled to her. There was a beep. "Shoot, my miraculous is low, I'm gonna go recharge!" I yelled at them and flew to my house. "Okay, Ryuu, quickly eat the food in my drawer." I said. "Ahhh, thought I would see you here..." A voice said and I shut my drawer with Ryuu in it. "Now, prepare for the worst moments of your life." She said. "What did I ever do to you?" I yelled. "Remember three years ago?" She asked me and I nodded. "You stole MY part in the school play! I can never get a part now. It's all YOUR fault!" She yelled and pressed a button...

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