Chapter 3

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~Third Person POV~

"Hey F/N!" A certain pigtailed girl called out to you while you were heading up the stairs that lead to the school. "Hey Marinette!" You said back to her. "I heard about what you said to Chloe yesterday, that must have been cool to see." She told me as if she wanted me to be in a good mood for the day. "She started it, I ended it with a big speech, nothing big, well, she did try to punch me..." I trailed off when I started feeling people glaring at me. "Why are people staring daggers at me?" I asked her. "Chloe started some rumors..." The girl next to me trailed off. 

"Hey F/N! Hey Marinette!" A boy called out while you and Marinette were walking in the hallway. "Hey Adrien." You called back to him. You then noticed the girl next to you blushing like crazy. "H-hi A-Adrien..." She said both awkwardly and nervously. You started laughing at her nervousness. "What?" She asked pouting. Adrien walked over to you and Marinette smiling. 

~Adrien's POV~

I walked over to F/N and Marinette. I was smiling because F/N's laugh was adorable. It soon stopped when Chloe started talking to her. "Hey, pig face, stop sounding like a goose." She told F/N. "How about you stop saying stuff like an S.S.B." F/N made a comeback. "What does that even mean?" Chloe asked while examining her nails. "Spoiled. Selfish. Brat." F/N said slowly and I ended up growing another smile on my face.

~F/N's POV~

"Spoiled. Selfish. Brat." I made an amazing comeback while Chloe just stood there shocked. "Y-you can't talk to me like that! I'm the mayor's dau-" I cut her off with, "I don't even care." People could tell I was annoyed. "You're not a queen so stop acting like one. Oh, and a pig and a goose are two different animals." I finished this argument and walked away. Little did I know, Chloe had something up her sleeve. 

~Time skip 'cuz I can~ *note swearing up ahead, I tried to keep this story clean, but I failed*

"F/N! That was legendary! Nobody has ever talked like that to Chloe!" Alya exclaimed at lunch. "What can I say, I'm amazing with words, I guess..." I trailed off. "F/N, that was amazing what you pulled off earlier." Adrien said while walking towards your table with Alya and Marinette. 

After a little conversation, I felt something hit my back. And another thing and another. I turned around only to see Chloe throwing things at me. "You know, you're also annoying!" I told her and returned to my conversation. That's when things got heated. She pulled my hair which was in two low pigtails and she somehow managed to PULL ONE OF THEM! "That's it!" I yelled and got up out of my seat. At that, everyone in the lunchroom turned to see what was happening. "What's wrong with you?! You don't just go around pulling someones hair!" I yelled at the grinning girl in front of me. "Blame yourself. It's how you think you're better than me, which your not, you're just some piece of shit that should rot in hell." And that made me blow up. "What did you just say?" I said through me gritted teeth with my eye twitching. She got scared. I saw that. I calmed myself down by taking deep breaths. "Chloe, lets just stay away from each other from now on, okay? Then nothing else will happen." I managed to say. "Only if you give by my Adrikins!" (sorry if I spelled it wrong) She said spat out, fear still visible in her eyes. "It's really not my fault if Adrien wants to sit with me!" I yelled to her, grabbed my stuff and walked out of the lunch room. Life sucks.

~Time skip to last class of the day~

Chloe didn't bother to say anything to me when I followed Adrien into reading. She just glared at me trying to be prepared if I say anything which I didn't. I looked out the window and saw a man with with a wand thing trying to terrorize the town. "Umm, may I go to the bathroom?" I asked while raising my hand. "Yes, you may go." 

I quickly went to the bathroom and checked of there was anyone in there. Nobody was! I went into a stall and started my transformation. I opened my in jacket pocket and said "Ryuu, wings out!" I ran to the person terrorizing the city. "Hey! Stop it! You don't know what you're doing!" I yelled to the man. "You don't know what they did to me! Go home before I break your bones!" He said. "What's your name?" I asked politely. "My name is Black Doom!" He yelled at me. "Nice name!" I yelled back, "But take this!" I threw my nunchucks at him and he fell. "Hey Dragon!" A cat yelled out. "Hello kitty!" My nunchucks flew back to me. "Nice move!" Cat Noir called. "Thanks! Where's Ladybug?" I asked the cat in front of me. "Right here!" Ladybug called from behind. "Lucky Charm!" She yelled. She got a...blanket? I don't know. "At least we'll be warm, right?" I called out. "Hey, Cat Noir, use your Cataclysm then Dragon Fire, use your roar!" Ladybug called to us. 

Cat Noir did his thing and 'Black Doom' was hanging off of the building, my turn. "Dragon Roar!" I yelled and fire flew out of my mouth. 'Black Doom' fell. Ladybug threw the blanket to me and told me to fly up at top speed and Black Doom with it. I did as told. I then tripped him with my nunchucks and got the akumatized object and threw it to ladybug who did her thing to de-evilize it. "Pound it!" We did a three way fist pump. I heard a beep coming from my  miraculous. "Gotta go guys, bye!" I said then left to de-transform. (is that a word?)

"You're finally back?" The teacher said while I was coming into the room. "I accidentally smushed my finger in between the stall and the door so I went to the nurse..." I trailed off. "But I'm okay now!" I said with a smile. "Adrien, why did you take so long in the bathroom?" The teacher asked Adrien. 'He left the classroom?' I thought to my self. "I fell and hit my hand on the sink, I'm better now." Adrien said and came to his seat next to me. I looked at him. He looks a bit like Cat Noir, no, maybe... No, I don't know, maybe..? It doesn't seem like him to be saving the world considering he's really famous. "Maybe?" I mumbled while looking down on an empty piece of paper. "Okay for homework you have to draw something from the story we read in class. And F/N, Adrien, don't forget to read it at home." The teacher said. "Okay." Was the reply she got from both me and Adrien. 

~Time skip to home~

I instantly started reading the story. "Hmm...It's about how the Eiffel Tower was made. I got it!" I yelled to myself. I started drawing people building the Eiffel Tower and some of the tower itself. I was almost done when my kwami started talking to me. "Wow, that looks really good!" Ryuu said. "Thanks." I said bluntly because I was focused on the picture I was drawing. "Okay, don't care that I complimented you!" He complained and turned around. I pulled Ryuu into a gentle hug. "I do care, I was focusing so much on it because I want it to be good." I told the little kwami. "Fine." He said. I started laughing a bit. 

Once I finished the drawing, I was bored, that was my only homework. Well, I was bored until I heard a tap on my balcony door. I  turned around to see who it was because nobody could touch it, well, unless they are construction workers, Ladybug or Cat Noir. I saw Cat Noir. I opened the door. "W-what...?" "I just wanted to say hello, my princess." He kissed my hand...again! "Uhh, hi.." I was a tomato. Why did he have to kiss my hand and call me princess? "Did you draw that?" He asked. I turned around. It was the picture of the people building the Eiffel Tower. "Yeah, why?" I asked him. "It's really good!" He exclaimed. "Thanks." I said while blushing again and rubbing the back of my head. "Welp, it's getting late and I have to watch the city tonight. Goodbye, my lady." He said and went through the balcony doors again. "Goodbye, my lord." I said while bowing to be funny, and it worked. He started laughing which made me start laughing and we were laughing for a few seconds. "Well, see ya!" He called and left. Goodbye Cat Noir, until next time. I started to get ready for bed and made sure the picture was in my backpack. I fell asleep soon after. 


Wow, 1601 words!!! How was this chapter? I somewhat enjoyed writing it. Can't wait until next chapter though. UGH! AMAZINGNESS and sadness and FIGHTING and sorrow. And scene. Hehe. So, is this chapter good? Is it bad? Have any suggestions? Leave your thoughts down in the comments! Oh and who is your favorite character in Miraculous Ladybug? Have any OC's you want me to add? Leave their name, their acumatized name, their power, and some of their likes and dislikes. (Chloe for dislikes lol) Have a good day/night! 

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