Chapter 7

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"You stole MY part in the school play! I can never get any roles now. It's all YOUR fault!" She yelled and pressed a button...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What-" I was cut off by a cage surrounding me. "I didn't do anything, plus, I ruined my chance of ever going on stage again that day," I started saying, "Why do you want me so bad? I don't really have any confidence in myself anymore!" I yelled to Mistress Acts. "Oh, really?" She asked me. She started walking to my food drawer. "No! Please!" I yelled. 'Wait...' "Ryuu, wings out!" I whispered and he came flying into my necklace, but he came from under my desk... I put on my costume faster than I ever have before and used my Fire Roar to melt the bars of the cage. I ran out of the room. 'Okay, okay, okay...' I thought. "Hey there Dragon Fire!" A cat said. "Hello Cat," I said back to him. "She's in that house." I said pointing to my house. "Ladybug, use your charm." I said and she nodded. "Lucky Charm!" And out came some make-up. "I think I know what to do, but where is the akuma?" I asked the two. "I think it's in her bracelet." Ladybug said. "Okay, then, lets use the make-up to blind her and then we can take her bracelet." I stated. "Let's go!" Ladybug said. Off we went into my home.

"Why this home though?" Ladybug asked. Cat Noir saw a picture of you and your friend. "Dragon Fire, is that-" He started to say. "No, I just came over to get something F/N borrowed, I have school too you know!" I said, "Then, she attacked." I said. "Hello, I see you're back." Mistress Acts said. "Hi!" I said back. She pressed another button in her hand and some ropes came out. We all dodged them easily. "Ladybug, the make-up!" I said to her. She nodded quickly and said "Batter up!" She threw the make-up to Cat Noir and he hit it with his staff stick thing (I don't know..) I quickly flew in the dust of make-up and grabbed a hold of Mistress Acts' wrist and grabbed the bracelet. "Ladybug, here!" I called to her and threw the bracelet. She caught it quickly and broke it. It shattered and the akuma came out of it. "Time to de-evilize, gottcha!" She yelled while capturing the akuma. "Bye bye little butterfly." She said as she released the cleansed butterfly. "Pound it!" We said fist bumping and my living room was back to normal. "H-hey, what happened?" The akumatized victim asked. "V-Vanessa?" I asked her while kneeling down. "H-how do you know me?" She asked. "I just have that power sometimes...hehe..." I trailed off. "What happened," She asked again. "You turned evil." I told her. "I had her in my grasps, I could've gotten my revenge...she made my life miserable." She said. "Hey, it's fine, you will get another role soon, so don't worry." I said and then heard a beep. "That's my cue!" I said and left.

"Wow, this was a hard one." Ryuu said. "Yeah.." I replied, looking around to see that we were in a dark alley. "Why this place out of any other place in Paris?" I asked myself and Ryuu. "Because, you were about to de-transform." Ryuu replied to your question. "Okay, I'm going home now." I said and left the alley. 

"F/N! Oh my gosh, you're okay!" My mother exclaimed as I entered my house. "Yep...are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah...I'm okay." She said while hugging me. "Mom..can't...breathe..." I said trying to get her off of me. "Oh, sorry." She said. "Well, hello there." A voice said. "H-hi Cat Noir." I said stuttering a bit. "What do you want from us?" My mother said and pushed me behind her. "I was just making sure you're okay." He said. We heard a beep. "Well, that's my cue to leave, oh and I think you know this girl?" He asked. "Y-yeah..." I said when I saw Vanessa. "Well, goodbye." Cat said and kissed my hand. I felt heat rush to my cheeks. Soon after, he left. "My parents are probably worried about me. Bye. Oh and sorry." Vanessa said while leaving my house. "I'm going upstairs." I said to my mom. "Okay, I'm going to start making dinner." She called to me. "Okay," I called back. "Ryuu, you're probably really weak, if you want you can eat the whole drawer." I said to him. "Yay!" He said as a reply. 

After a few minutes of silence, Ryuu started talking, "Hey soo...I have to tell you something." He said and I nodded for him to continue. "You have access to another kwami." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked him. "I mean, you can have another kwami to use while fighting the akumas. It's my brother." He said finishing his statement. "Well, where is he?" I asked.  "He's actually in the corner, he's been here for a while." Ryuu answered my question. "Awesome~." I said in a sing-song voice. "Yo, Grey, get over here!" Ryuu called out. "Gah, you don't need to be so annoying." Another kwami said. Unlike Ryuu who was black with red and orange spikey things around his face, Grey was a blue with little water designs. "I'm F/N, you're Grey?" I asked. "Of course I am." Grey said with a matter of fact tone. "When you transform with me you're Dragon Water." He said. "There is a way for you to be transform into both of us and be 'Elemental Dragon,' but nobody has managed it." Grey said. "Awesome!" I said. "F/N time to eat!" My mom called. "Coming!" I called back, see you guys soon~. Oh and there is some food in the drawer." (the food drawer has become a thing!) And with that, I went downstairs to my mom. 

~Time skip to after dinner~

"Hmmmm........." I was thinking about what to draw when a certain cat came by my balcony door. I went and opened it. "Hello, madame." Cat Noir said kissed my hand, I blushed again as he did it. "Hello, Kittey~." I said back. "How are you this fine evening?" He asked me. "Pretty good. Wait!" I said and ran back to my desk, where I was sitting before and grabbed my sketchpad and a pencil. "Hey, can I draw you?" I asked him. "Uhh...I don't know if you want to draw me. Why not Ladybug, or Dragon Fire!" He said back. I flipped to two pages, one with Ladybug and one with Dragon Fire. "All I need to draw is you. You're the last one." I said. "You're really good." He said to me. "Th-thanks." I said back. "Okay now pweasse?" I asked. "Fine."

~time skip to when the pic is done, I'm lazy.~

"Aaaaannnnnd....done!" I said and showed Cat Noir the picture. "Woah..." He looked at the picture in awe. "Someone likes it." I said jokingly. He muttered something under his breath. "What?" I asked. "Oh um...nothing..." He said back. "Okay..." I trailed off.

~Adrien's POV~ (bet you didn't see that coming!)

"Aaaaannnnnd....done!" F/N said with a smile and showed me the picture. "Woah..." I said I blushed a bit due to all of the detail and looked at it in awe. "Someone likes it." She said and I knew she was joking. "I like you..." I muttered under my breath.  "What?" The beautiful girl in front of me asked. "Oh um...nothing..." I said back. "Okay..." She trailed off. "Well I'm sorry milady but I need to go protect Paris. Until next time." I said and kissed her hand and left through her balcony. 

~Reader's POV~

"Bye!" I called to him as he left. "He is one unique cat." I said and went to sleep. 

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