Chapter 17

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The invisible man grabbed my ankle. I wasn't able to fly away, he was too strong. Ladybug threw her yo-yo at Phantom Shadow, tying him up. He let go of my ankle, allowing me to fly away. "F/N! Try to destroy some of those bars!" Ladybug called and pointed behind me. (A/N; I just felt deja vu....) I nodded and did as told. "Fire roar!" I yelled, some fire coming out of my mouth. The flame melted the top of the bars, causing them to fall and somehow trap the man. "No!" He yelled out. 'I don't have much time, do I?' I thought. "Lucky Charm!" Ladybug called and some make up..? appeared. She took out some of the powder and threw it with great aim at Phantom Shadow. Ladybug did it over and over again. "I think I see it.." I muttered and quickly reached in the makeshift cage and grabbed a small pendant off of his shirt. I threw it to Ladybug quickly, who then broke it and did the usual routine. She caught the butterfly in her yo-yo and soon let it go, then threw the make up in the air saying, "Miraculous Ladybug!" Cat Noir, Ladybug and I did our three way fist bump before my miraculous started to beep. "Ah..Gotta go.." I told them and flew away back home. 

"Where did you- oh my goodness..." My mom was waiting in my room. 'Shoot shootshootshootshootshootshootshoot....!' was the only thing going on in my head. "F-F/N..?" She asked me, causing me to really panic. "N-no...I got the wrong house, sorry." I said and flew off the balcony. "No. You are my daughter." She called to me. Gray flew out of my bag. "Gray what are you-" I got cut off. "I've got this." He flew down to my mom and did something to make her pass out. "Mom..!" I said softly and flew back to the balcony. I got out of the costume and bent down next to my limp mother. I struggled but picked her up and exited my room. I walked over to hers and put her down on the bed. I quickly left back to my room to see Ryuu raiding my drawer like normal and Gray sitting on my bed. "Gray...what did you do?" I asked him. "I erased the memory of Dragon Fire from her mind, and also when she went into your room. We can't have you getting grounded." He replied to my question. "Thank you." I told him sincerely which he only nodded to. 

I checked the time to see it was only six o'clock. I opened my laptop and went to Netflix to watch some anime. Some time passed and it was nine thirty. I got up and went to my mom's room to check on her. She moved a bit but stayed asleep. I walked back to my room and got ready to go to sleep. After I finished getting ready there was a knock on the balcony door in my room. I turned to see Cat Noir there. I walked over and opened the door, inviting him in. "Already ready for sleep?" He asked me. "Well, I have school in the morning so... yeah. " I sat down on my computer chair. "Most students stay up late even during school nights." "I'm not one of those students." I replied to his statement. 

We ended up talking until it was ten o'clock. "I should get going, you should get some rest," Cat Noir got up. "Thanks for talking to me." I told him before he left. "Anytime, princess." He kissed the back of my hand and left. I watched him as he ran across the roofs of buildings and smiled. My mom entered my room all of a sudden. "Who were you talking to?" She asked. "I was talking to um.." "Tell me the truth." "I was talking to Cat Noir..." I admitted looking down. "I said to tell me the truth." "It is the truth." I looked back at her. "F/N. Who were you talking to?" She almost yelled. "I-it was Cat Noir...!" I was panicking internally, my mom never yells. "You're grounded. No laptop and when you're here, no phone." My mom said reaching for my laptop. "What am I even grounded for?" I asked, upset that she didn't believe me. "For lying to me." She started walking out of the room. 

~Cat Noir's POV~ (our hero! for our phone and laptop usage...)

I was watching the scene from a different roof top and decided to head back. I jumped onto the balcony and walked through the doors that were still open. "Actually miss, you're daughter isn't lying." I walked into the room. "I thought you le-" My mom pulled me behind her. "You're one of those bad guys aren't you?" "Mom, that's Cat Noir." F/N tried to educate her mom. I bowed down, "I am at your service." I told them. F/N's mom sighed. "If you try anything, I will not hesitate to contact the authorities." I nodded in response as she put the laptop down and left the room. 

"Thank you!" F/N exclaimed and hugged me. "I was only protecting the innocent." I started, "Well, I better go, you have school tomorrow and I may have school too..." I quickly left before I could get interrogated and went back to my house. I turned back into my regular self without the costume and quickly got ready for bed. "If only you knew..." 


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