Chapter 4

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I woke up to a yelling Ryuu. "Gah! Shut up, I'm up!" I yelled back. "F/N? Who are you talking to?" My mom yelled. " alarm clock!" I yelled back. "Oh, okay?" She yelled. "Look what you did Ryuu." I scolded him. I then entered my thoughts. 'Will people actually like my picture? What are we gonna do with the pictures everyone drew?' By the time I was out of my thoughts, I was completely dressed. I was wearing a F/C sweatshirt and a F/C2 jeans. I was also wearing my gray converse. (Yeah, I've been wearing gray converse lately) I went to brush my teeth and got my backpack. "Ryuu, get in my backpack." I said. "Aye, sir!" "It's a smaller Happy!!!" I almost yelled. (Yes, I like Fairy Tail, don't judge me)

~Time skip to school 'cuz I'm the author~

"Hey F/N! What's up?" Adrien asked me as I headed to school. "Oh hey, nothing. What about you?" I asked. "Same." Is what he replied with. There was about fifteen minutes before class started, so I sat on the steps with Adrien and got my sketchpad out. "Woah, did you draw those?" Adrien asked while looking over your shoulder to see the pictures. "Yeah, why?" I asked, I thought I wasn't really good at drawing. "It's amazing!" The blonde boy exclaimed. "Those pictures are horrible, just like your face." Only one person would say that. Chloe. (we knew that would happen) "Chloe, stop it. Her drawings are amazing, stop picking on F/N." Adrien stood up for you. "Ugh, but she-" "Leave. Her. Alone." Adrien said with the most scariest voice ever. Even I was afraid. "Fine!" Chloe yelled and walked off. "Y-you didn't have to do that." I said looking at the ground. "She's been picking on you ever since you came here. I had to do something." Adrien said. "Th-thanks, then."I said with a smile and pulled yourself off the ground. I did something I never thought I would do. I hugged Adrien. "Thank you." I said more sincerely. He hugged me back. After a few seconds, we let go of each other. "We should um...get to class..." Adrien trailed off. There was a slight tint of pink on his nose and cheeks.

"You know, Chloe's words never actually bothered me." I said, "But if there is ever more people joining in...that can lower my self esteem." I told Adrien. "Don't worry I'll be here for you." He spoke. "And I'll be here for you too." I said while entering the classroom. Everyone was glaring at you. "Why is everyone staring daggers at me?" I whispered to him. "Probably Chloe's doing." "No duh, Sherlock." I whisper yelled. Now everyone is probably confused. I looked at Chloe who was glaring at me with a smirk. 'What? Why does she have a smirk on? Something's gonna happen...' And something did, someone threw a book at me, and me being a black belt in Taekwondo (I really am), I dodged it easily. "Very mature guys...very mature..." I said while heading to my seat in the back on the classroom. After Adrien and I sat down, the teacher walked in.

~Time skip to lunch because I can't think about what to write~ (cussing ahead! you have been warned!)

"Hey Marinette!" I called to the navy blue haired girl (is it that color, I think so). "Hey F/N!" She returned with a smiled. "Did you hear what Chloe said about you?" "What? No, what did she say?" I asked. "She says you're a slut trying to get Adrien for yourself and a b!tch..." Marinette trailed off. "Heh...thanks for telling me..." I said with fire in my eyes. "Don't you dare..." She said. "Hey- woah...." Alya said while looking at you. "Don't ask." Marinette said. "Okay." The phone obsessed girl said. "Sup guys? What's going on with you?" Nino walked over with Adrien. "Stop asking!" Marinette almost yelled. The boys and Alya just nodded. "Hey, loser." A couple of girls walked by. "Shut up!" I yelled with tears building up. "Aww, is someone gonna cry?" Chloe asked while walking up behind you and shoving you onto the floor. "Go away." "Go die." "Shut up." "You don't deserve to live anymore." "I said to shut up!" I yelled from my spot on the floor, tears finally coming out of my eyes. "If anyone is the b!tch, it's you, so go away." I said calmly while lifting myself off of the floor, my head hanging down. "Heh, you can't tell me what to do!" Chloe exclaimed. "Then I'll be the bigger person and leave." I said while grabbing my stuff and leaving the lunchroom. Everyone followed me, well, except for Adrien, he got stopped by Chloe.

"Don't listen to her!" Marinette exclaimed, "You're an amazing person!" She finished. "Yeah, don't let those words get to you." Alya continued. "You're too cool to be down!" Nino finished. "Hey, I'm so sorry about not coming with you guys, Chloe is a real pain. I also talked to her and she said that she'll stop if I stop hanging out" Adrien said when he caught up with us. "No, it's fine." I said, "It's your choice now." I told him and turned around to face him. I had a big (fake) smile on my face. "It's really okay if you want to stay." I told Adrien. "No, I don't want you to get hurt anymore, but if I lea-" I cut him off. "If you want to leave so bad, then do it, we can always hang out after school!" I said with the fake smile still on my face. "You're smile is amazing...." Adrien mumbled to himself. "What?!" I yelled with a red face. "Uhh," He said. "N-n-no, i-it's f-fine..." I stuttered still with a red face. "New OTP!" Alya and Marinette yelled together. "NO, no, nooo, I don't wanna be shipped with anyone..." I said with a pout. "Too bad." They exclaimed together. " wouldn't wanna date me if I asked?" Adrien asked. "I mean..I would it's just...ugh!" I said, still red faced and I hid my face in my hands. "You guys suck." My voice was mumbled through my hands.

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