Chapter 9

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When I woke up, it was around 4 o'clock. I looked around my room to find Ryuu passed out near the balcony door and Grey passed out in the darkest corner of the room. 'Polar opposites.' I thought. Grey is more chill and Ryuu, not so much. I quickly remembered the hang out plans with Cat Noir. "F/N?" My mom called. "Yeah...?" I asked with a yawn. "I'm going to visit grandma today and won't be back to around ten, I expect you in bed by then, okay? Oh and don't open the door, answer the phone, unless it's me, and don't talk to strangers. Okay?" "Okay." I said back to her as I got out of bed. "Bye, F/N!" She said and I heard the front door close. "Bye!" I called quickly and turned to my room. 'Hmm...maybe I should leave at around 5ish....' I thought.

After I quickly took a shower and and brushed my hair, it was 4:30. 'Hmm...I should eat something.' I thought and right when I thought that, my stomach growled. "Hehe.." I chuckled and went to the kitchen to get some food. I had some (favorite cereal). Afterwards, I went back to my room and checked the time on my phone, 5:00. "Hey, don't you have that date with Cat Noir?" Ryuu asked. With that you blushed. "It's not a date, it's a hang out." I said to him. "Doesn't seem that way if your face is like that..." Grey joined in. "Sh-shut up!" I yelled at them. "I have to go, Grey, wings out." I said with my face still red. I put on my bag and Ryuu went in it.

After flying around, I saw Cat Noir sitting on the Eiffel Tower. "Hello kitty~!" I called to him and flew over to him. "H-hey Dragon." Cat Noir stuttered out. He had a slight blush under his mask. I sat down next to him. "So, how's life?" I asked to end an awkward silence. "Oh, you know, saving the city, with you and Ladybug." He said. I laughed a bit at his answer. "H-how about you?" He asked. "Basically the same answer.." I trailed off with a slight giggle. "What are your interests?" Cat Noir asked. "Well, I like drawing, I mean, I'm not the best at it. I love anime and manga (so. me.) I also love playing video games. Oh, and I'm a boss at a few card games." (ima boss at speed, spoons, go fish and E.R.S) I said the last part quickly. "What about you?" I asked the cat sitting next to me. "Well, I also like anime, I play piano, I fence, and speak Chinese." He said explained. "Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to play piano!" I said. "Piano is quite fun." Cat Noir said. We continued this talk for a while.

After about two hours I yawned. "Aww, are you tired?" Cat Noir teased. "N-no!" I blushed and turned away. "Hehe..." He laughed a bit and put his arm around me making me lean on him. I blushed harder. "......" I kept silent. "You sound like someone I know..." He trailed off. "Who?" I asked. "F/N... I mean...I don't know her too well yet but...she seems cool." He finished his sentence. "Like bowties?" I asked. (OKAY, WHO GETS THAT REFERENCE?!?!?!) "Uhh...sure....?" Cat Noir said, unsure of what I meant. "Sorry, Doctor Who...heh..." I said. "You're a bowtie." Cat Noir stated and by that, I blushed like a maniac. 'First he thinks that real me is cool and now alter ego me?!' My heart was pounding in my chest. Cat Noir looked at the time on his staff. "OH! I have to go. Goodbye, madame." He said and kissed my hand and my forehead. More blushies for (what?! xD) With that, he left. "B-bye Cat..." I said pretty quietly, got up and flew to my house.

"Well, look who was blushing a bunch." Ryuu teased. "Sh-shut up!" I yelled. I de-transformed and turned back into my reality form. "You were blushing a bunch." Grey agreed with Ryuu. "Do you like him?" They both asked at the same time. "N-NO!" I yelled and blushed. "J-Just shut up! I'm going to bed." I said and grabbed my pajamas and walked to the bathroom. I quickly put them on and went back to my room and to bed. "N-night guys." I mumbled. "Goodnight F/N!" Ryuu yelled. "Shut up, and goodnight." Grey said. "Aww, thanks broski!" Ryuu yelled out. "I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!" Grey yelled. I giggled at this and drifted of to sleep.

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