Chapter 22

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"(F/N)!" A certain blond male whined. "I'm bored!" 

We were currently at lunch and we were all bored. I turned Adrien's head so his hair faced me and put a small braid in it like Astrid did to Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon. Once I finished the braid, I sat back and admired my work, but then got bored again. 

"Guys, what should we do?" I asked the group of myself, Adrien, Marinette, Alya, Nino and Nathaniel. 

"How about a game of "Truth or Dare," it'll be fun!" Alya exclaimed. 

"Uhh," Half of us hesitated while the other three begged us to join. 

"Fine!" Marinette, Nathaniel and I reluctantly complied. 

"Who's going first?" Nino asked the group of us. 

"(F/N)! Truth or dare?" Alya blurted out.

Me, being slightly worried, reluctantly answered.


"Dude." Nino deadpanned.

"Fine, truth."

"Have you had any boyfriends before Adrien?" Alya asked me.

"Uhh..." I faked being in thought,"No. I don't think so."

"You don't think so?" Adrien asked.

"Let me rephrase that: I know I didn't have a boyfriend since you're the only one I actually, you know...fell for..?" I didn't know how to finished my statement but managed to do so anyway. 

The group awed. 

"Marinette,  truth or dare?" I asked while the group was in mid 'awe.'

"Oh, uhh...dare?"

"I dare you to tell us who you like if you like someone. As in crush-wise." Everyone was paying attention

The dark haired girl blushed a dark shade of red. 


"I noticed you and," I eyed over to Nathaniel, "hanging out more often," I wiggled my eyebrows. Everyone caught on and Nathaniel blushed a dark red, too.

"So?" The bell rang, interrupting the game.

"Bye!" Nathaniel and Marinette both ran out of the cafeteria at the speed of light. The four of us that were left laughed and headed to our next class.

~Time skip~

When school was over, I met my group of friends at the exit. 

"Sooo... Marinette, you never answered that question." 

"BYE!" She sped off. 

"I wonder if she hates me now," I wondered out loud. 

"Maybe. Maybe not," Alya failed to answer my question. "Soo.. Nathaniel." She started, making the read head tense slightly. He faced the brunette and waited for her to carry on her statement. "Do you like Marinette?" She asked him. 

"I-uhh...well..." His face flushed red and he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. 

"I ship it!" Alya and I squealed. Nino and Adrien laughed at our silliness. 

"You two ship everything," Nino chuckled. 

"I know," I smiled while laughing. "I should get going, my mom's going to get worried." 

"Let me walk you!" Adrien suggested hurriedly. 

I was about to answer but my miraculous started beeping. 

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