Chapter 15

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Shoes...I don't know what to write... ONWARDS!


"Hey... F/N? F/N!" Someone called, waving a hand in front of my face. I quickly came back to reality. "I'm sorry!" I said looking at the table with a tint of pink on my cheeks. "You've been spacing out a lot lately..." Marinette trailed off, "Care to explain?" She asked me. My cheeks turned pink and I looked at the wall. "I- uhh...umm..." I couldn't find the words to explain what was happening. "How hard is it to explain something?" Alya asked Marinette and I. 

We were currently at lunch, in the lunchroom, with many other students, on a Monday. I slowly ate my lunch to stall answering the question. That was until Alya took my food away and look at me with her eyebrows raised. "It shouldn't be that hard to explain...unless it was about Adrien." Marinette said, putting an emphasis on Adrien. "Maybe it's about Levi or England, you may never know." I said, naming two of my senpais (sorry if they aren't, replace the two there if you want). "England?" My two friends asked at the same time. "Nothing." I sighed and took my food back from Alya. "Hey, either, answer the question, or no food." She said, taking my food again. "Fine!" I said and sighed, "It's that, ever since Adrien and I almost kissed, I've been freaking out... I can't think straight and...yeah, I think you understand the rest..." I told them and took my food back, staring at it. "I'm not hungry anymore." I told them, packing my lunch in my lunch bag and walking out of the lunchroom and to my locker. 

On my way to my locker, I ran into a certain blonde. "Hey F/N, how's it going?" He asked me, and on cue, my face started turning red. "Are you sick again?" He asked, putting the back of his hand on your forehead. "N-no...I'm f-fine." I stuttered out. "You sure?" He asked me putting a hand on my shoulder. I nodded my head and heard the bell ring. 'I can finally be free from this...torture called love.' "Oh, we should probably get our things." Adrien suggestion and I nodded, "See you next period." I told him and walked away to my locker. 

~Adrien's POV~

I don't know why, but when F/N left, it kind of hurt. Seeing her walk away faster than she usually walks. When we were talking, I was also panicking, thinking, 'What if I say the wrong thing? Does she even want to talk to me? Why are bananas called bananas? (sorry, had to xD)' Whenever I see that (h/c) haired girl, my heart flutters and I feel butterflies in my stomach. 'What is wrong with me?' I asked myself, I know! I'll asked Nino if he knows what's happening later today. 

I grabbed my stuff for the next period which was also the last period of the day. "Hey dude, wassup? What's with that face?" My kwami, Plagg asked me. "Nothing, nothings up." I whispered and grabbed my stuff, shutting my locker when Plagg was about to say something. 

~Reader POV~

I quickly went to my locker to get my stuff. When I opened it, there were food crumbs everywhere. "You two pick this up now." I whispered into my locker while getting my books for the next period. I heard two small 'yes's and and closed my locker, walking to reading. 

When I entered the classroom, I remembered that I sat next to Adrien. 'FFFUUUUUUDDDDDGGGGEEE.' I thought and walked to my seat. I pulled out a manga (deal with it) and started reading it. Well, that was until I heard a few whispers and then giggles. I sighed until the bell rang indicating for class to begin. I put my manga down and got ready for this class. 

At the end of class, we were assigned to write a short story about anything. We all packed up and left the room and to our lockers. "Are you so dumb that you have to read a stupid comic book instead of an actual one?" A voice asked from behind. Chloe. I sighed and packed my stuff quicker until I felt a kick. She kicked the back of my knee which caused me to fall. I breathed in through gritted teeth. "What's your problem?" Someone asked her. I turned around to see it was Adrien. "She's a worthless pig with low reading standards." Chloe said and folded her arms. I packed the rest of my things, thanked Adrien and left. 

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