Chapter 8

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AHHH 1000 READS!!! I'm sorry I haven't updated, I usually work on this at school a lot but with 8th grade (I'm in 7th) PARCC (CCRAP) testing we got our Chromebooks taken away...ONTO THE CHAPTER!!


When I woke up the next morning, Ryuu wasn't yelling in my face like he usually does. I checked the time on my phone and it read 8:25 a.m. Sunday. He's actually letting me- beep! "Gah!" I groaned and got out of my comfortable bed. I quickly did my hair and changed. "Ryuu?" "Yeah?" "Grey?" "What?" "Let's go!" I said. "Try out Grey today." Ryuu told me. "Grey, wings out!" I yelled. The suit was basically the same except with variations of blue. I still had nunchucks on my left/right thigh. I flew off my balcony and into town.

My H/C hair flowing behind me as my black and blue wings made me fly above the ground. I never thought about it this way, but, Paris is so beautiful. The sky was blue and- "Gah!" I yelled. "I am Check Mate! Now, Dragon Fire, give me your miraculous!" The new akumatized victim yelled. He dressed up as the king piece in chess. (I DO NOT PLAY CHESS, in fact, I suck at it, back to the story!) "Never!" I yelled I was stuck to a building by little chess pieces? Wow. "Oh, and I'm not Dragon Fire, I'm Aqua Dragon! (I changed the name but this one is cooler!) But under the mask is the same person who holds the Dragon Fire miraculous." I told him. "Give me both miraculous'!" Check Mate yelled. "They both go into one miraculous!" I corrected him. "Stop messing with me, give me your miraculous!" He yelled. "Never!" I yelled once more. He dropped me. I quickly started flying again and hid.

"Where are Cat Noir and Ladybug?!" I asked myself out loud. "Right here!" Ladybug said from my right side. "Wow, you don't even sense us," Cat Noir said from my left. "What happened to you? You look different..." He trailed off. "Different kwami. My other one is right here." I said holding a bag. "That's so cool!" Cat Noir exclaimed. "Ladybug, got a plan?" I asked the girl on my right. "He uses little micro bot things, so, we need to find a way to take them down..." She said turning around to see what Check Mate was doing. "I thing I may have and idea of how to take them down." I said, also turning to see what Check Mate was doing. "Come on out...or mu pawns will come and get you..." He trailed off. He looked toward me. Our eyes looked for a second. He had gray-brown eyes. "Pawns, go!" He yelled after a few seconds. "Water Roar!" I yelled and put my hands to my mouth and spat out a large wave of water. "My idea came-" I got cut off when something hit my head, hard. "Dragon," was the last thing I heard before the world turned dark. 

~Ladybug's POV~

"Dragon!" Cat Noir yelled. A bigger chess piece hit her in the head. "Ahahahaha!" Check Mate laughed and came closer to Dragon Water. "Don't. Touch. Her." Cat Noir yelled with his stick in hand. Check Mate had a ribbon on his chest. "I know where the akuma is! Protect Dragon!" I called to Cat Noir. "I got it!" He yelled back. "I went to an alley way. "Lucky Charm!" I yelled. A claw thing appeared. "Hmmm..." I was thinking. "Got it!" I yelled.

When I got out of the alley, Cat Noir was fighting some pawns. One was going for Dragon's miraculous! "Gah!" I ended up yelling when I threw my yo-yo at the pawn. It fell to the ground. (I wrote about 586 words in a notebook...I wrote this all in a notebook tho...) I ran up behind Check Mate and tripped him, I kept my distance when he fell. I used the claw. (The claw decides who will stay and who will go! the claw is the master of our fates~!) The bots were protecting him except for a little bit of the badge. I quickly used the claw to get the badge. Once I had it, I ripped it in half. The akuma flew out of the bandge. "Time to de-evilize! Gotcha!" I yelled when I caught the butterfly in my yo-yo. "Bye-Bye, little butterfly." I said once I let the pure butterfly go. "Ugh..." I heard a groan. "Dragon!" I heard Cat Noir yelled. 

~Reader's POV~

"Ugh..." I groaned. "Dragon!" I heard someone yell. "C-Cat?" I asked as I looked at him. He was running towards me and soon enough, engulfed me in a hug. "I was so worried," I heard him whisper in my ear, "Don't EVER let that happen again, please." He said to me. "Is this now canon?" A ladybug asked. "Wh-what?" I asked confused. I knew I was blushing to what Cat Noir said but I was confused to why Ladybug asked that. "What's canon?" I asked Ladybug. "You two, are a canon ship in my mind...bye!" Ladybug said the past part fast and flew away with her yo-yo. "Ehh..." I made a sound and quickly got out of Cat's grip. There was an awkward silence between the two of us. "So...uh...we don't really know eachother too well...wanna hang out sometime?" He asked soon after while rubbing the nape of his neck. "I guess I don't know much about you either...sure! I'll hang with you one day!" I said with a soft smile. Little did I know, our heads were inching forward. We were under a trance until we heard a beep. "Crap! Okay, s-sorry! Umm...Is tonight good for you?" I asked him. "Yeah. See you then." Cat Noir said with a soft smile. That smile is familiar. "Well, see you!" I said and flew home. 

Right when I entered my room, I detransformed. "You need to be more careful." Ryuu said. "Yeah, this is the first time I'm agreeing with him. You don't know what could've happened when you passed out. You could have detransformed, have your miraculous stolen, lose Ryuu, or many other things." Grey scolded. "Yeah, yeah." I said and checked the time on my phone. "It's already one o'clock, how long did that fight take?" I asked my kwami friends. "A while, Cat Noir protected you and Ladybug did everything." Ryuu informed. "I'm such an idiot!" I finally agreed with them and threw myself onto my bed. I was so tired from today, I decided to take a short nap.

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