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{ third person point of view }

namjoon lost his sanity after hearing jae hee's broken voice. he didn't care about anything anymore; he just wanted to rush to her, and so he did.

he furiously banged onto her house door, growing more and more impatient as each second passes.

finally, the door opened and a man greeted him. namjoon assumed that this was jae hee's father, but he didn't care. all he wanted was to see her, see if she's alright.

"excuse me, who are you–"

namjoon pushed her father aside but mr shin was persistent, and didn't want to let namjoon enter their house.

"i'm jae hee's boyfriend!" namjoon shouted. he has completely lost his patience. mr shin then took a step back and namjoon took this opportunity to dash towards the direction of the room.

he opened the room to her door so quickly, that he actually was devasted, seeing his girlfriend lying on the ground while clutching onto her stomach. her phone was far away from her on the ground.

"jae hee," namjoon croaked out as he immediately kneeled down to see her condition. he took her gently into his arms and saw that her face was pure white and her lips were dry, that he could see crack on her lips.

without thinking any further, he ran out of her room and out of her house, running all the way to the nearest hospital without stopping.


it's been twelve hours since her surgery, and yet she still hasn't come out. namjoon was hoping, praying, and doing anything that he could to hope for jae hee's recovery.

jae hee meant so much to him, and she probably doesn't know. jae hee was practically the whole world to him. heck, even the whole universe to him. she was a queen to him and that will ever remain as a fact.

namjoon hasn't left his seat from the start of the surgery till now. he broke down every now and then, and he was tired. but he was still going to wait of jae hee no matter how long it will take.

as if answering his prayers, the light of the 'surgery' sign went off and the entrance doors swung open as the surgeon and his assistants came out, removing their mask in the process.

namjoon tried to be calm as he asked the most typical question ever.

"how is she?"

the surgeon remained silent, as if hesitating to say anything. namjoon didn't want to believe it. he didn't want to believe that it went wrong.

"i'm sorry." two words, one sentence. that was enough to make namjoon break down again.

"her system was severely damaged, and we couldn't do anything to her. this is related to the removal of her stomach. it affected the other organs and systems which disallowed those to functiom properly."

namjoon wanted to scream, he wanted to yell, and curse, and do everything bad to the surgeon but no, it wasn't the surgeon's fault.

it was his fault. it was his fault that he didn't managed to save her at the right time.

it was his fault that she had passed away.

"another thing; she told me to hand you this. she said to open her purple box that is located at the edge of her bed," the surgeon handed namjoon a key.

"can i see her for one last time?" namjoon whispered. the surgeon nodded his head and motioned his assitants to assist namjoon.


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