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soo kyung.

she was back in school, and i knew that i should approach her to talk about that matter. i couldn't stand being friends with a fake person like her. i couldn't stand being friends with a two-faced person.

when she saw me, she was still happily skipping to me and i knew that she knew nothing about me eavesdropping their conversation in the toilet.

"jae hee!" she chirped, and slung her arms around my shoulder. i tried my best to squirm away from her but she stared at me in confusion as she began to scan my appearance.

i decided to just observe her actions for awhile for today before i flip her out.

"how– how did you manage to slim down so fast?" she questioned as she was still appalled about my appearance.

i clicked my tongue, "well, i went to the surgery centre that you suggested me to."

"oh," she whispered as we continued to walk through the hallway. this time, i could hear people mummering about me instead of soo kyung. at first she kept silent, but then right after that, she immediately bursted out.

"why are people talking about you instead of me?" she suddenly snapped as she stopped in her tracks.

"well, why do you think people are talking about me right now then?" i smiled at her as i crossed my arms.

"why are you always yearning for attention? it's sickening," i scrunched my nose in disgust.

"i've always stand out last time. i've always been the one who is receiving attention but now, you are the one! i'm supposed to be the one, not you!" she screamed.

"well, that was the sole reason you befriended me in the first place, wasn't it? because you wanted attention. because i was fat and you were pretty, so you would have more attention, isn't it?"

"that's right, you are right." soo kyung snickered as she slowly clapped her hands. despite knowing the truth, yet i still felt a little hurt deep inside me. i still considered her as a really good friend.

"yeah, i was right that you were a bitch." i spat out. a slap greeted my face and i felt my cheeks aching. i held my cheeks as i looked at her who was smiling smugly at me.

"you deserve that slap, attention seeker." was the last thing she told me before walking off, leaving me in the hallway where everyone was watching me.


i felt emotionally drained. i felt physically torn. i felt mentally unusual. i was sick and tired of crying, but yet here i am, doing it again.

"fuck everyone," i whispered as i brought my knees closer to me and tug it under my chin. if i could, i would shout throughout the whole house to vent my anger, but my parents were at home. but well, they don't even acknowledge my existence, do they?

a loud noise snapped me out of my thoughts. i turned towards the source of the sound and it was the window. just then, an object flew and hit onto my window, but luckily my window did not broke.

i stood up from my bed and sauntered towards my window as i opened it widely. i looked down and saw namjoon grinning at me, his arms full of stones as if he was carrying a baby. he waved at me excitedly with a stone in his hands.

at the sight of him, i instantly found myself smiling.


im so sorry for the short chapter i'll make it up to ya'll x

anyways this story is going to come to an end soon!!

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